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wednesday, february 18, 2004

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finally feeling better. and i'm looking forward to being anywhere but on the couch and doing anything but sleeping all day. cough is almost cleared up, congestion is still around but not as bad. now i just have to get through the storm pouring a ton of rain over good ole southern cali. but i feel awake, alert, and ready to do stuff! this is a good thing after not wanting to do much of anything except sleep and try not to hack up a lung.

oh, yes, the lungs were in real danger this time, judging from the severity of my coughing at times. even cough syrup couldn't keep them down.

still struggling with my worth as a writer. i am seriously wondering if maybe i am just a novelist writer and the short story will forever be a form that just doesn't take for me. of course, if i get a novel published and it does well, that may change. markets like to have published writers in their zines, if the stories are crap. (not that all are, but i have gotten rejections from places that really make me wonder about their taste when i see what they do publish.) at any rate, when you're sick is not the time to get 4 rejections. i was just a tad overwhelmed by my unworthiness for a bit there. all but one are sent back out, and for that one i just need stamps because the markets i could send it to don't take e-subs.

i am also looking forward to a quiet friday. linnorm called and asked if he could take the kids then. like i'd say no? we're even sending the grounded one to him so hubby and i can have some peace and quiet and time together when i'm not trying to hack up a lung. i've missed him. tonight, i get to sleep next to my man . . . assuming he let's me have some of the bed. i went up the other night to grab something for me to find him sprawled over the whole california king sized mattress. it only took a week to get used to me not being there at all, oh my! ;)

and i'm looking forward to getting a car. saxy's dad may have found us one for $500. granted, it may not be the best deal, but we're going to take anything left of the funds and split them in two, and put half in a safe deposit box with saxy's dad (to protect it from our creditors) and use the other half to pay off yet a few more bills. this way if the car dies, we have something with which to start hunting for another vehicle.

and we're talking about going to tony roma's again sometime soon. this time i'll get the ribs. yummy.

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