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saturday, february 21, 2004

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i actually intended to write yesterday but we had one heck of a storm going on. not one to risk my machine, i pretty much stayed off-line except to check mail and try to get my hubby's database set up. the database import thing failed and i have called for help. waiting for non-techno speak instructions as techno speak and i do not get along. i can be a pretty smart cookie, but that stuff, never mind. i can't do spanish and i definitely can't do techno speak. just not wired to learn foreign languages.

the one amazing thing about this storm was the mildness of my storm headache. the storm itself was a sight: pouring rain, a little hail, flickering lights, lightening strikes, rolling thunder. kitties, dog, and i were pretty much freaking all together at the same time. yes, one of my more irrational problems: lightening and thunder tend to freak me out . . . and not just for the machine's sake. yes, i am officially a wimp.

see, when i was, oh, must have been 10 or 11, both my parents worked and we lived in this large, 3 story (4, if you count the basement) home. gorgeous home really. but, anyway, one fall or spring - i don't remember which - a friend and i were at my house, alone, with a storm raging outside, and the weather knocked the electricity out. big echoing, DARK house, lots of lightening and thunder. i've never appreciated a storm since. and although i know where this comes from, and know how stupid it is to feel the way i do, well, it doesn't just want to go away. i usually try to distract myself, which seemed to work yesterday for all but the worst of it. reading, watching tv, these things will usually work. the computer would have worked as well, but without a laptop, not happening.

not doing anything at all yesterday almost makes me regret the time spent working on the writing discussion journal i created at, metawriting. almost, but not quite. the fact that people have commented on the first entry balance it out nicely. i hope to write a new entry every 2 or 3 weeks, kinda like a newsletter or something. and i hope others keep commenting. course, considering my lack of paid publication experience, i'm probably going to be lucky if people just read it, never mind responding to it.

in other news, the car hunt is still going. saxy found some interesting deals, including a rodeo for $1800. big concern there is that it will get stolen, but something like that is perfect for a family of 6 plus service dog. anyway, both he and his father are still looking around and will probably continue to do so until next week. or longer. i suspect longer. dad seems to be delaying things for some reason. we may have to take car money out of the bank and tuck it into an envelope to protect it from a) being spent, and b) from being taken by the sue happy people. we'll see.

and finally in the "stuff" category, after finishing the 3 myst books, i am once again attempting to play the games, beginning with realMyst. i've tried these games before and they require more memory than seems to be stuck in my head and for longer periods than my memory lasts. in other words, i never finished them before. i own them all, well, except for the new uru: ages beyond myst one, and i have failed to solve any of them. i love these games, i just can't beat them. anyway, i'm writing things down this time around, but i'm sure to miss something. heck, i think i may have already missed something. i'm still stuck on the island. figured out where 4 of the 5 books are. am trying to get into the spaceship. this isn't working. my ears don't seem to be as good as i thought in discerning tones.

figures. i wear glasses for ever worsening eyesight, have a memory with a 5 minute lifespan, it only follows that the hearing will go next.

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