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ff addict
sunday, february 22, 2004

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i mentioned yesterday that i started playing myst again. well, that's not the only game i'm being a junkie with at the moment. i am also playing 4 final fantasy games. what can i say, i am an ff addict.

i found a decent copy of both origins and the ff anthology recently. one was even still in its factory packaging, but i purchased both at used prices from a local game store. they've both been very hard to find. i didn't realize origins was a limited release and the anthology is old enough now to be a "greatest hits." version. however, neither had my fave ff character: kain. jumping boy, as i like to call him. he was my first ff experience a long time ago. i've been pretty much ff addicted ever since we "met." after some hunting around, i picked up ff4 in the ff chronicles set. not sure why it's called final fantasy chronicles when the second game included is chrono trigger, but what can i say. i wanted ff4 so i could have kain.

so, now i own the original ff, ff2, ff4, ff5, ff6, ff8, ff10, and ff10-2. we did own ff9, but neither say nor i were impressed with it. we did like the card game, but that's not reason enough to keep a game when you want other games and can't afford them. i have no idea what saxy traded it in for, but it's long gone and unlikely to return to this house. while i'm sure the kids would love it, it's the adults in this house that have to be happy with a game. they're just too dang expensive. we also won't be purchasing ff11 any time soon. i'm just not into games where you spend a fortune on the game itself and then have to pay a monthly fee on top of that (thus my total lack of interest in everquest or any other online game). i have plans to pick up ff7, and have been told ff12 will be back to the traditional ps2 gaming experience we all know and love, so will more than likely pick that one up eventually too.

i admit it, when it comes to console games, i am an rpg fan. we own chrono cross (and now chrono trigger), xenosaga, legend of the dragoon, summoner 2, and one or two others. saxy's into the bond, star wars stuff, but give me primarily fantasy rpgs and i am pretty happy. it must go back to my rpg roots with ad&d, shadowrun, and vampire. if it came down to a choice between the two, i'd probably go with the face to face gaming . . . maybe.

what can i say? kain is cool. jump!

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