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sunday, february 18, 2001

my head hurts. it has been hurting since friggin friday night. thursday or friday the weather people warned that a storm was moving in Sunday, by 8 or 9 pm friday i knew the storm was moving in earlier even if it didn't rain. sure enough, stormy gray skies on saturday morning. and i have been in agony ever since...and getting pretty bitchy too. today its so bad my JAW hurts. i hate these sinus/allergy flare ups. they make me nuts. and the family has to tiptoe around...and its just plain aggravating. yes, i am venting. i hurt. i don't want to be positive at the moment. all i want is for the pain to GO AWAY. nothing is helping..not tylenol, not aleve, not advil, not sinutab, nothing. and it's constant.

and there are things NOT helping my mood at the moment. stupid things i can usually ignore are getting on my nerves:

junk mail. it doesn't take more than three days for these damn spammers to find a new email box. i load 6 different emails into eudora (do not ask why, i am already wondering what level of torture i find so entertaining that i do this.) and get every piece of spam at least 3 times. then there's the hotmail box i opened so i could get msn messenger to connect with a friend who can't use icq. i just did that this last week and am already getting spam. these people who send this bulk mail to people who don't request it need to be taken out and shot, especially the sex pimps. get out of my face, i am tired of the "want horny girls" mail. NO, i DON'T want horny girls. so don't send me any more mail. i am straight and quite happy with my saxy, thank you very much.

speaking of which...why is it when he's on the computer doing something, barely watching t.v. it STILL is an issue for the kids to play on the play station? even though he has agreed to let them play, only taz gets a chance because it's one way to get him to not to do the self-stim spinning.

and speaking of kids, mommy having a headache is NOT a license to get louder and more annoying. i do not know when that started but i DO know it better end because i am not in the mood.

network solutions. enough said for those who deal with their stupidity. as soon as i clear some cc out, i am moving to a new registrar as soon as possible. these guys drive me nuts.

my head hurts. i don't make good company, i don't make a good mom, and i don' make a good wife. i am not reasonable. i am grouchy and in pain. and until the pain goes away i am going to be irritable. until it goes way, every one in this house better tread softly. very, very softly.

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