wake up, baby!
sunday, march 11, 2007

i'm finally starting to catch up on the sleep i missed over the last few days before coming home. i'm still tired, but i'm also sleeping longer than 2 or 3 hours at a time, and i can live with that. now i just need to deal with the other crap that's been hitting the fan since just before i got home -- hopefully that will all be out of my hands 100% by the end of the week.

since the biggest drama we usually have going on these days have to do with miss thang, i'm sure you all guessed that, once again, jewel is in the middle of the newest mess. as i noted last time, the parents in the house she was staying at have decided to get a divorce. the mother can't afford the house or the extra mouth to feed. not sure what's up with the father. regardless, jewel was told she can't live there any more. saxy and i talked about this on the phone, and he also noted that we are responsible for her by law until she's 18. well, that's only a month, so what the hell. i told him we could deal with her living with us for 3 or 4 weeks.

then mcat (who else?) gives her the option of staying with him. sorta. it's now become his ex-wife, and how the hell that happened, i have no idea. but we were to get some paperwork so we could make him the legal guardian. before i got back, mcat had saxy go request jewel's high school transcripts, and the high school withdrew her. so the kid isn't in school right now. to make matters even more complicated, the filing fee to transfer legal guardianship is $90 and the process won't even be complete by the time she's 18 -- and turning 18 makes the whole thing null and void anyway. even if we could afford the fee, which we can't, filing for nothing is next to crazy, so i told saxy we weren't going to do it. we'd get her back in her high school for the next couple of weeks, if necessary.

now mcat's ex has decided to take her in regardless and to pay the fee. i'm pretty much down to whatever. if she wants to throw the money away, so be it. i just want the drama over with and out of my house. from what she's told saxy, she's going to be even more strict than we were about going out and homework. yea, this oughta work . . . not. meanwhile, jewel has some kind of notion that she's got a normal senior year coming even with the classes she's failed.

i really do think mcat was just trying to help here, but pushing saxy into getting the transcripts only made things a bigger mess than they needed to be, you know? then to decide she'd stay with the ex rather than him, it's all just gotten rather kooky. waiting really would have been the best option. when she turned 18, she could have gone where ever just as easily without all this other mess thrown in.

anyway, we're taking care of the notaries tomorrow so i can wash my hands of the whole mess. i keep saying this, but i do love my daughter, i'm just pretty fed up with the drama, and i really want to slap the child silly for her idiocy. having her taken off my hands, as cruel as it sounds, leaves just the vehicle mess to deal with. the vehicle mess being that we no longer have the moneys to pay for the car. fortunately, nothing else seems to have become a problem in my absence, so i'm hoping to keep us on an even keel and eventually save the funds for the vehicle.

i really do plan to talk more about the trip and the baby soon -- kinda waiting for the photos i took to come in, assuming they came out okay. kitten and baby are doing fine, though they are still working on that learning curve all new mama's and babies have to work on. the dog i was so worried about has been taken in temporarily by someone else, thank goodness. poor pooch must think she's not wanted when it's more of a concern about her lack of training and her hyperactivity. word is that trin will be back some time monday, which really is a blessing. he'll get 15 days with his new little family and to get a few more paycheck/dependents things taken care of.

this morning was the first without a frantic call from the daughter though. maybe she's finally taking my advice and going with the flow and relaxing a little?

other than the drama with jewel, and the two days saxy will need to take off this week to deal with that, plus my doctor's appointment and seeing the h&r tax guy, things seem to have settled to about normal around here. hopefully, even with the drama dealings tomorrow, i can even get back to writing soon.

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