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friday, march 16, 2007

it's been a busy week -- doctor appointments, kid stuff, cat stuff, decision stuff, just lots of stuff going on. a lot of it is stuff i'm not particularly pleased with, and none of it is anything i've really been waiting for -- no calls yet about the position i interviewed for, no responses from the markets i'm most anxious to hear from, heck, i haven't even been getting calls to sub (which is fine, but very weird). the first set of pictures i took in hawaii should be back tonight, i think. assuming all is well, i should post about baby soon. (well, okay, i'll journal about baby regardless, but if all is well, said post will come complete with pictures!)

my appointment with the hand specialist went well. he's pleased with my progress -- i don't need physical therapy and, in fact, probably won't need to see him unless there's no progress in the next month or so. as i've said before, i doubt i'll get full movement back, but it is coming along quite well. still hurts when pushed too much, but i am starting to use it again, which is nice.

i've been deep cleaning my kitchen and rearranging things over the past week as well. saxy and i talked about it and decided that we need to make this place somewhere we like living rather than waiting until we move -- which may never happen or end up with us in a place that's not even as nice as this. we've always been hesitant to put anything into the place because it is a rental, but we've had a nice landlord who hasn't charged us any late fees in the past, so us putting something back into the place is a good way to not only make us like being here better, but also give back to him. we're not doing any major work (for example, the place needs insulation, but like we can afford that!), but we're looking at painting and things along those lines. we took the cabinet doors down this week and i'm going to move a few things around in the kitchen to make it a better workspace and to open it up some. i'm also trying to get the place completely cleaned up, and i mean a deep clean.

some of that will have to wait till after i go through the garage, however. we put kitten's cat, hitomi out there and between last night and today she seems to have vanished. we weren't trying to be cruel or anything. it's just the other cats chase her and beat her up. poor cat can't even eat. so we thought putting her out there with food, water, and a cat box would help. she could eat in peace and sleep wherever without worrying about roro or vagner (or even logan, since he seems to have learned to chase her down from the other cats -- and, yes, he's only half her size but she's scared of him too) harassing her. but today i can't get any kind of response from her at all. not a meow. not an appearance. nothing. so tonight and tomorrow, we're going to go through and reorganize the boxes a bit and clean up and see if we can't locate her that way. i'm going to feel terrible if something happened to her while we were trying to protect her. that's just . . . wrong. the eventual plan is to find her another good home, obviously one where she's the only cat.

jewel now lives with her aunt. we haven't heard anything since we gave her the kid, the kid's stuff, and the paperwork. i tried calling and leaving a message last night, but no one returned my call. i'm not hugely worried, mjay will take care of her, it just would be nice to be able to contact the kid with news as needed (and, once again, her cell is without money so out of service -- meh!). for example, linnorm told me last night that a family law attorney told him he'd have to pay child support until jewel is out of high school. i thought it ended when she was 18. apparently it would except she's still in school. this is good for jewel since it means she'll have some money without getting a job, and right now a job would probably be a major distraction. i just hope she takes the opportunity her aunt is giving her and gets her grades on track at the new school. and stays there even when she turns 18 so she can have a safe, stable place to live.

i finally seem to be catching up on sleep at least a little bit now -- i'm waking up ready to go in the a.m. and getting stuff i need done, but i seem to lose energy around 3 or 4 p.m. at least i'm not totally wiped out like i was when i first came back. either the vitamins helped, or i'm readjusting back to georgia time (not that i was on hawaii time -- i still haven't figured out what time i was on), or something. regardless, it's nice to not be falling over with exhaustion again. still tired in my anemic kind of way, but it's more of a tolerable tired.

and now this busy girl has to get the crockpot started and finish some stuff in the kitchen and get her writing for the day done! all this after doing quite a bit already today. i even managed a few fixes on the whysper archives (okay, only 3 pages, but that's better than the big fat 0 pages that's been going on for months now) and called on that job interview and am now hoping i'll hear back sometime this afternoon. in the meantime, keeping busy will help keep my mind off the phone calls and mail i'm waiting for and yet another paycheck we can't deposit yet and the missing cat . . . well, okay, maybe not the missing cat, but busy is still good. i like busy!

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