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Sunday, Feb. 22, 2015              
logan, 2006-2015  

i'm later on this entry than i'd like. taking care of even 1 sick cat can be time consuming, and i got behind on just about everything. catching up in my time constraints just hasn't been happening as quickly as i'd like. but mostly, i was avoiding this entry. i don't want to write it and end up crying again.

but it's time.

of all our cats, logan was the least like his x-man name. where wolverine is rough and gruff and not afraid to confront anyone in his space, our logan was quiet, sweet, and gentle. and for most of his life, he hid from strangers that were in his space. it wasn't until his best bud, vagner, died that he became aggressive, even taking on ororo for dominance of the house. from the very beginning, he was saxy's cat: saxy found him and paid for him with his birthday money in 2006. i was surprised because, even with ororo claiming him, up until then, he was adamant that he was not a cat person. but i think there was just something about logan. he had the softest fur of all the cats, the longest tail, and the loudest (and easiest) purr. he became vagner's best bud, and later, rogue's as well.

my favorite picture of logan (front) and vagner

logan in one of his many snuggle times with rogue

when the cats all got sick, he didn't show any signs. we thought maybe whatever the heck was going on with the rest of them had passed him up and sank our money into getting the others stable (they all need more care, but it can wait until the tax return gets in now). it put us behind on everything else--utilities, car payment, cut down our food purchases to the minimal we could get away with, etc. and just when we thought it was done with, logan not only started getting sick, but deteriorated really fast. we managed to get him in to the vet, and she gave him antibiotics. but it quickly became apparent that what was going on with him was worse than the other two. we couldn't afford to do more until the tax money came in, which we hoped would be any day. we force fed him, got him water, gave him his pills, and he kept getting worse.

then came the news our tax return had been randomly chosen for review, that it could be as late as april 9 before we'd see it. there was no way logan would survive that long, and no way we could keep him alive even if he could--it would be cruel. he was hobbling about eat, eating very little, drinking less. he was spending his time in sinks and losing weight daily. the other cats all knew before we did: ororo stopped hissing at him, gambit stopped trying to get him to play, rogue snuggled up with him when he allowed it. monday night, we decided it was time. saxy took him in.

we sorely miss him. just writing this has reduced me to tears. but he and vagner are wrecking havoc wherever they are...together and without pain. sometimes...you have to let them go for their sakes.

r.i.p. logan.

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