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Saturday, Mar. 7, 2015              

every time i look at my calendar, i don't understand where the time has gone and why it seems like i'm getting nothing done. the last month has been a bit of a sinkhole, and there's not really much to catch up on. we miss logan. the other kittehs are getting better. our tax refund is still in review...which is a problem.

taking three sick cats to a vet isn't cheap, and one went to emergency care before the vet. to pay for all that, we had to push other bills, like ALL out other bills (with the exception of rent; i never mess with rent). so right now, we are buried deep and trying to dig out, which means everything is stretched out a bit thin in terms of payment. and all the cats still need to see the vet again, three of them for dental work (the newest one, shadowcat pryde, just needs a general checkup and probably some shots). plus one of the checks to pay for all this bounced. so i'm scrambling to keep the lights on while waiting for this damn check that we needed yesterday. this turn of events has also tanked a new wardrobe and maybe a new laptop (though hubs is insisting i get something, even a cheap something, to get by until the next tax return), especially if the return gets reduced for any reason (return not right to begin with, a creditor getting a hold of it, etc) because now i have to use a chunk of it to catch more than the car up.

yea, money's a mess again. we're getting tired of things starting to even out and us getting on our feet, then everything crashing down around our ears. it's getting old. can i get us out of this yet again? yes. but another "big bill" (cats, car, etc) event will put us back in this mess.

and the gop doesn't think we need a minimum wage increase.

moving on....

i'm trying to get my head back in the submissions game. it's hard with the short work, but charms is now out at three small presses, and i'm looking for a few more to hit up when these respond. the process for either shorts or novels is long and headache inducing, but i'm, working on it. assassin's is back in revisions, more for a language update than anything. i realized, when working on chosen, that as much as i loved the sound of the novel, it didn't work for other novels in the same setting. so back through the wringer. i'm finishing out the current draft of the second book in that trilogy, quest, with plans to set it aside and let it sit until i decide what i'm doing with assassin's and when. and i'm working through chosen. i've got two other projects on my to do list, but they're on the back burner until quest and assassin's are done and set aside. the biggest problem is managing the time to get in consistent writing time. some weeks, i do well, others, not so much. i remember the days when consistent time was easy. these days? not so much.

i think that's the only thing i mind. i like being busy, but i'd like to have the writing time too.

my weight is still...ug. i started to lose, then stressed out over the cats and finances and gained it back. but i think it gave me a clearer idea of how to get back on track and hopefully stay there. the hard stuff is dealing with the stress eating while we're trying to get back on our feet, the weather (we get a day of sun, then days upon days of gray and rain and cold, and my sad kicks in, and the cold weather munchies kick in, and the combo has me eating like an idiot), and the season (easter has some of my favorite sweets). i'm working on the sugar intake in general, i need to, but i'll admit, i'm struggling. i really need this winter to go away, but then, so does everyone else.

other than that, we're managing. things have settled down again at hub's second job. he got an interesting offer, but in the end decided against it for various reasons (pay being one of them). grand baby #1 just celebrated birthday #8. otherwise, it's been quiet. if it weren't for the cats and the money, it'd be downright boring.

which really would be my preference right now. :P

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