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saturday, february 22, 2003

it's been a long week. i hate, no, i despise being sick. always have. i miss the days when i could "let" myself be sick one day and then be back on my feet the next. it's my own fault that i can't do that any more. and right about now, i really need it.

see, more than likely i'm only the first victim of what looks to be an upcoming round of illness. kitten is now also sick. and what's going to happen is this: this sucker will make the rounds of the house and i will catch it at least twice more. i remember when i used to manage to stay well until the last kid was done with whatever disease was passing through, then i'd get sick. no more. now i catch everything the kids drag in (even if they don't) before, during, and after it makes it rounds. it's a situation i really could live without. but such is the price of being an anemic with kids.

and this week has truly sucked above and beyond the fact that i was sick. i literally got next to nothing done with anything. i couldn't even write since my laptop is out of commission (and a replacement cord will cost $50, a replacement battery will cost $100). by thursday i was dreaming of writing. too bad i can't remember the list of story ideas i came up with in my dreams. without the laptop and with the grogginess from being sick and the prescribed decongestant, i generally laid on the couch and stared vacantly at the tv when i wasn't asleep. and my sleep cycles was completely muffed up: 2 or 3 hours of sleep followed by 4 or 5 hours of semi-wakefulness. i did manage some reading.

and now i get to deal with the issues that women get with amoxicillin and similar products. but, at least i finally get to eat. i couldn't even get a bowl of soup down before i went in to see the doctor. (i so hate going to doctors it takes being unable to eat to get me in to see one - i like food more than i hate doctors.) saxy is off even as i type to pick up some cranberry juice for me and kitten since she might be on amoxicillin as well. she gets to go see a doctor this afternoon.

saxy himself is being avoidant. he's been job hunting and is uninsured. with a real interview coming up on monday, being sick is not on his agenda. which leads to the worst consequence of me being so sick . . .

i had to sleep on the couch the whole week away from the much desired comfort of my husband.

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