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bits 'n bits
thursday, april 3, 2014

thursdays are getting full up with doctor appointments, it seems. although, so is the occasional monday and a friday every few months. and it seems most the doctor appointments of late are at least 45 minutes away. i'm still scrambling to pay medical bills, but managing to scramble just a teensy bit less because the hubs has a slightly better schedule and two jobs paying a slightly higher wage than lure was. he's still having trouble getting time and call backs on the catering job, but in general, we're managing to get in a little more, and i'm making teeny steps on what we need to do financially. the only two concerns i have right now are getting flea meds for the cats and saving up for dragon con (got tickets! need food and misc stuffies moneys). i'm working on reducing other costs to get a little bit more in the budget for these bits. we've brought our cell bill down, and this month, i'll look into bringing down the cable bill (having to wait until the offers we signed up with expire). hopefully we'll soon reach the end of the doctor appointments (yay! we have insurance! woops! still have to figure out how to pay co-pays and deductibles. lol) and i won't have to put the bits i manage to save towards these bills.

in the meantime....

hubs is now on cholesterol medication as well as for high blood pressure, and we're having to make larger changes in our diet than originally planned. we're cutting back on potatoes and switching from white to sweets and purples when we do have them, bringing in barley, changing to whole grain pastas, switched from white rice to brown. the down side of all this? it costs more. i guess we know where some of those saved bits are going? we're still working our way through all my medical stuff. my stress test has been delayed (not approved by insurance yet). and hubs has one more appointment we need to schedule for him as well.

the getting older bit kinda sucks. lol

the good news for me is the whole "don't exercise" spiel i got when we first made the appointment is basically so i don't keep over from a heart attack if i have some serious heart disease i don't know about and nothing to do with messing up the stress test. with the way i've worked out in the past, i think the heart attack would have already happened by now. so, i'm getting back to it and no break before the stress test. we've had good weather, i've gotten lots of rest and sleep, and i'm ready to start losing again.

and we have SUN! okay, yea, expecting the occasionally thunderstorm, but temps are up (even at night, thank goodness; doing yoga in the freezing cold even when the heater is on is really unpleasant) and the sun is out more often than not of late. spring is finally making headway, though i suspect it'll quickly change into a really, really hot summer. my walking days are likely numbered. i mean, more so than usual. last year i was walking in march, but it was generally too cold and wet this year. i think was still walking mid-june, but it's already warming up significantly, so i think i might have to stop early june. but i'll take every bit of sun and walking i can get. something i never imagined EVER saying before.

writing is finally picking up again too. in small bits. part of what's helping is discovering that a little additional weight bumps up the calorie burn which means i don't have to work out as long for the same burn. it's not a lot of extra time, but every little bit helps. another thing that's helping is working on stories that just require writing or very light editing. the novel i'm in the midst of hard revisions on is very draining and VERY slow. the sad thing is, once i'm done with this round, i have another hard round of revisions coming. this novel is making me a bit crazy, but i'll get it fixed. although the plan is to take a break from it once this round is done and take a break. it's the second in a series, and since the first is still making submission rounds, i don't need to finish it right away. i can move on to another project. this is one nice thing about being unpublished: i can play around until something sticks. i think i can do something similar if i end up pubbed by a small press as well; they just like me to make sure to work on the series too. the big houses/traditional publishers are a bit more hard-core and include deadlines in their contracts, which makes it harder to work on extra side projects, at least for a slower writer like me.

so there's bits 'n bits of stuff going on that are occupying my time, so the busy is a bit scattered. i look at my calendar and wonder why the heck i didn't find time to do this or that or the other thing, but there's no one culprit to blame. i don't mind. i prefer being busy. and it being a variety of things keeps me from being bored, even if it means it's more difficult to catch my breath sometimes. and we're just starting to dig out of the winter malaise and financial crap. will take a bit, but at least it's looking up. pretty happy with that and pretty content with the rest.

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