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over it
wednesday, april 3, 2013

i am so over this week.

i mean, i know things are still actually pretty good for us comparatively, and this week is just a snag, but that's not helping with my annoyance/irritation right now. if i could, i'd kick this week to the curb. and i really should have known it was going to be one of those weeks when what i thought was good financial planning ended up not being as good as i thought. things got covered, yes, but there was some kind of hiccup over the weekend that escapes me now in the face of the larger things that have occurred since. it wasn't even a big deal hiccup, which is why i can't remember what it was, but it should have warned me.

okay, maybe not. most times, a hiccup is just a hiccup, but i still could just walk away from this week and not miss it one bit.

it started with a tire going out yesterday. $140 to fix. there went most of our savings account, including the money for the kids' i.d.s (and, yea, froggy is going to be pissed about that, and i don't blame her one bit).

then today, the cable was suspended, which would be no big deal except that our internet is part of our cable and is likely to go before i can pay next week, and my job (such as it is) is reliant on an internet connection. i don't get paid much, but when i do, it usually covers little necessaries: gas, parking, milk and toilet paper.

we were using that savings account for emergencies (which i guess it covered?) and to save for dragon*con. now i'm regretting buying the con tickets because i just don't see how we're going to save enough money for all the etceteras in time. which is depressing. this year, i've lost weight, i walk 5 plus miles a day, and i think i'd enjoy it more than i have in the past just because i'm in a healthier place physically.

plus there's my storm headache, which i kinda knew was coming, but knowing never really prepares you for one of these suckers.

and my son had a bad day as well, also probably storm related.

but the big kicker? froggy is "done" with high school and has just joined the ranks of high school drop outs. granted, we knew it was coming: the schools out here have pretty much screwed her chances since we have to pay for summer school and for any alternate school she could go to and they won't let her take more than one math class per semester (and she needs 3 or 4 of those, so wouldn't finish before she was "too old" to go to high school any more). so much for no child left behind. she was supposed to finish out this year, but no, she's done now. no idea why the change, but there it is.

which means we really could have used that money for her i.d. right about now because out of school means she has to look for work and another place to live. that was the agreement. and with the way she's been behaving the last week or so, i'm about as ready for her to leave as saxy is, sad to say.

and to top it all off, received another rejection for charms this morning.

so, yea, really over this week.

anyone got $191 i can borrow until next friday? at least then i could take care of one of these things. better yet, $240 would take care of two things (cable/internet and i.d.s). no? yea, kinda expected that. it's so hard on everyone these days.

and, yea, i know, it's a bump, and we'll get through it none the worse for wear, and it's nothing like things were in toxic house, and all that. i'll get over it. for now, just would rather this abysmal week was over. i'm pretty much done.


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