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thursday, april 3, 2008


i am soooo delaying work. i have the files open, just don't feel like doing anything, despite the fact that today may be the last day online until everything is paid off--which we hope is tomorrow, but, um, yea, we'll see. the check is due tomorrow, it's just whether or not the bank will release it right away. i'm really hoping they do. i can last one more day. i could probably last the weekend, if necessary, but i would soooooo prefer one day. i can't even begin to tell you how much i want a real shower. i mean, seriously.

it's been a long week. my writing is suffering, my sleep is suffering, and now my work is suffering. i just...would rather be in bed either asleep or watching mindless tv--although i can't even do that since the cable is completely gone. i could play ffviii again, but i started getting bored with that last night. i think when taz gets home today, i'll try putting in some dvd's.

one more day, then i can pay everything off and start doing the $25/week thing to try to keep us caught up.

but right now i'm just tired. really, really tired.

adding to the wonders of not having running water or a washer is the kitten. she's using the furniture as a cat box. she knows what the cat box is and uses it when we put her in and she has to go, but she's been going in other places as well. i've tried to watch for her, to catch her, but she's getting it when i'm not looking, i guess. i think part of this is the whole being able to use the whole world thing she had going before we picked her up. i'm trying to teach her otherwise, but it's apparently not working and i'm not sure what to do about it.

not helping matters any is ororo. the queen bitch cat comes down the stairs as soon as she hears a cat in the box or eating. if it's the kitten, she chases the baby down. for a bit there, she would stop at the chair or the couch while kitten dove underneath. not any more! now she follows the baby. so, not only is kitten having a hard time using the box without harassment, but ororo's territorial bitchiness may have the kitten "marking" the area as well. i'm not sure what the hell is going on or what to do about it all either, and am frustrated because we may have to give up said kitten. i don't want to, she's adorable, but we'll need to do it soon if we do it at all, or she'll lose all that cuteness that would get her a new home. it just may be that we can't get a new cat until ororo's gone. she's just not tolerating any new cats at all--at least of the female persuasion (although she's taken to beating up the boys lately too).

this is sad for logan too--rogue has become something of his sidekick. she follows him everywhere and he's her primary playmate. mind you, he's also doing the male dominance thing, but he plays with her, bathes her, and all that other stuff. although, we've also realized logan is the cat version of a perv--seems he likes to watch the girls use the box. *rolls eyes*

mind you, four cats its probably a cat too many anyway, but rogue is an adorable purr baby. and she's the first cat i've owned in a long time who will chase her own tail. lol

i really don't want to get rid of her. :(

so, in addition to no water to clean things, no washer to wash things, we have kitten smell to deal with. the house stinks and needs a good cleaning anyway, and she's not helping. next week is the kids' spring break, so we'll be doing a lot of cleaning then. the latest i expect to have the water back is monday, though tomorrow is the hope. as long as the return comes in, saxy will go and pull out the money bright and early so we can try to have water service restored by the end of the day. then, yea, major cleaning of the house. and me. and whatever else we can clean that needs cleaning.

one day. we can manage one more day.

i just hope the check is as big as the return indicated. last year, the irs adjusted us down...something about the mileage, i think. if we get adjusted down at all, it should only be $400, but we really need that $400 right now. like i said, next week is spring break, which means kids home all week, which means a larger than usual shopping trip on top of a trip that has to be larger anyway because we've been scraping for 2 or 3 weeks now. the bills alone are going to take around $1900 to catch up entirely. with the car in the mix...we seriously need to get the registration and whatnot done since it's expired, which means we have to cover the catalytic converter...so, yea, need that extra $400. i've got spots i can trim, but i'd rather just have us caught up. saxy is right though, car HAS to be covered. we're already paying 2 tickets on the damn truck, we can't start down the same road on the car.

maybe i should stop thinking about all this mess for awhile. it's been overwhelming me all week long. granted, without running water, it's kind of hard to ignore.

one more day.

as much as i should do my editing, maybe today should be a movie day. might even be able to get some revising work done with the right movies. most of all, though, i need some space, i guess. i need to get away from this mess that has me all twisted, but i can only go as far as our dvds will take us. it'll have to be enough.


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