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friday, april 4, 2008


the tax return came in and was exactly what we put in for-no adjustments. the relief is almost as overwhelming as the stress has been.

but it gets better. ;)

everything is paid for less than i had expected. everything. i was even able to pay for the water over the phone--the tag on the door said cash only so i was worried about that. i was even surprised by them all being in the office before 8 a.m.--them and the cable company (which apparently is 24 hours? whoa). i think the lady taking care of my water concerns thought i was nuts for being so excited about them being in and taking my debit/credit card over the phone. the only thing that wasn't less than expected was the cable. they wanted everything up front: past due, reconnect fee, full month's service. this is fine, the ones that were less than expected allowed me to pay all that and still pay the trash company and our swiss colony account. we ended up with just about what we expected leftover, so will be fine for groceries this next week.

thank god.

and! between saxy's check today and taz's ssi, we still have about $700 (give or take) to start taking care of the car. in may we get that economic stimulus money and that will finish off the car payments, etc. next week, we take a bit of a breather, and the week after we'll start our $25/week payment plan. as long as saxy earns $400/week, we'll manage. barely, but we'll manage and managing works for me.

sometime today (between 9 am and 6 pm....and we are soooo hoping for closer to 9 than 6...waaaaaaayyyyyyy closer), the water will be turned back on. an hour after that, i am so in the shower. i really, REALLY want a real shower. really. you can bet that i will be checking the water every hour until i have some too. :P i am doing a few dishes via the little house way, just in case the water isn't on till late, but i'll probably redo them once we have hot water and i've had my shower...i've been worried about how clean they are and how well the soap is getting rinsed off. over this next week, when the kids are home to help, this house will be scrubbed top to bottom. sunday afternoon, the cable will be reconnected. yay.

finally, things are looking better. it took long enough. hopefully everything will stay fairly paid up now. as long as we do the $25/week plan, we should be fine.

and i'm not going to borrow trouble and worry about it not happening. we got paid, the bills got paid, paid is good, and paid is going to keep me happy for the rest of the day, at the very least.

and, yes, i've checked the water at least twice since starting this entry...it's going to be a long wait even if they turn it on in the next 30 minutes.

paid and a shower? heaven!


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