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that house thing
thursday, april 19, 2012

the house thing is driving me nuts. really.

first the good news: saxy's family stepped in and gave us the last of the money we needed for the down payment. because we went through this a few years ago, i knew we needed some documentation about the gift, so we're working on getting the last of that now. we had them put it in the house account so it wouldn't even pass through our every day account.

somehow this ended up being a bad idea. the loan guy is flipping out. but the loan guy? he's making me crazy anyway. he supposedly got us approved for the loan, and since then, he's been the most crazy about the money, or the lack thereof, actually. he's the one who keeps pressuring to get more money in that account. and he's also the only one who has been a jackass since the approval. i mean, seriously, he's been pissed at me almost every time i've called. at the same time, he's not getting HIS job done. he finally gets a hold of saxy's job to find out where to fax the income verification...then never sends it. i have no idea where he's at on finding insurance for the loan, and have no desire to talk to him to find out. almost every time i talk to him, he becomes a jerk so fast, it makes my head spin. i don't understand why anyone has to make a difficult, stressful process even worse. i just don't.

but we have the money now. from here, it's waiting for them to get their acts together. we no longer need to split our income and use some for the house and the rest for living off of, which is a good thing. our bill free bubble is bursting, so i need as much of the money saxy earns to make sure those are paid. the good news is we are seeing a savings. the internet is only $15 here, the water bill was $30, the gas bill that just came in is about $70. all i'm waiting to see now is the electric bill. so far, most everything is at least 50% less than what they were at the previous house, sometimes more. so, yes, this was the best financial move we could make as well as the the best health move.

saxy is more stressed about the waiting than i am. feeling better has me at the point of what will be will be. we're already out of the worse housing i've ever experienced and in a better place. i really want the house, yes, but it'll be the icing on the cake at this point. the owner is a bit annoyed with the delays as well, but now we're ready.

but i'm telling you, the only time i'm ever going through this house thing again is if i can build my dream house. other than that, this had better be it.


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