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wednesday, april 19, 2006

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i was going to write about our weekend -- about our visit with kitten, but, other than the visit, it's been a difficult few days. everything decided to pile on over a few days, including the day we went to see kitten, and, honestly, i'm getting so tired of dealing with it all.

i. need. a. job. ft/p, not this subbing thing that has me working full time hours but without benefits and making at least $600 less than i could be.

so, saturday. we got up early to go and saxy went out to pull out the car and get gas . . . and a tire had gone flat and came off the rim. when he looked at the car, he realized that a second tire was about to go as well, so we ended up having to replace 2 tires to the tune of $130. this was, by the way, our grocery money for the week. thing is, even if we didn't go to see kitten on saturday, we would have had to replace the tires regardless so we could get to work.

the trip itself was nice. saxy forgot his driver's license, so we had to meet her off base, and we all met at the mall, where she promptly started spoiling us. jhenna got her ears pierced with her big sis looking on, saxy got albums, i got scented oils for my oil candle, we all got books, she paid for lunch and a movie. she just treated us for the whole day. we had a lot of fun, got home late, went to bed.

and i woke up not feeling so hot. we ended up canceling jewel's birthday dinner yet again, but this time we opted to let her go to her boyfriend's house.

later that same day, my cell phone took a nose dive into a glass of milk. for obvious reasons, it doesn't work any more. so then we had to try to find the receipt with the replacement/repair plan we buy for all electronics. can't find it. call the company, they have no record of it. my brother gives me a cell phone and we spend 2 or 3 days trying to figure out how to get numbers switched, talking to a number of unhelpful people and getting contradicting responses, and, in the end, i can't get my pay as you go phone number on this cell, not easily anyway. and it takes a store manager to find this out.

and then i find out we have to start paying off saxy's school loan because the bank it's with won't defer him anymore. so in addition to the $157 for auto insurance i have to choke up this month, i have to come up with another $100 for his school loans.

and did i mention that none of the utilities are paid for yet? and that my check, which is supposed to cover rent, is only going to be $640? so i have about $300 in additional bills and at least $500 less on the check that wasn't covering all our needs anyway. if i were ft/p, i'd get the same amount this month, despite spring break, easter holiday, and a day or two off for doctor appointments.

so, i'm sure anyone can see why i'm getting tired of this. tired of getting to the point where it looks like we're finally going to be on top of the survival issues, only to have those get tanked by something else. tired of just barely scraping by. tired of being the one dealing with this all the time. frustrated with the whole situation of working, but not being able to do more than take care of basics.

add to all this that our cooler has been replaced and still isn't cooling the house very well.

and i got a short story rejection as well. (people want my money, not me.) :P i've also done next to no writing this week because of other things going on (and we all know that makes me cranky).

and i haven't finished this, but gotta go. lightning. yech.

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