3 day weekend
friday, april 14, 2006

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rather than having spring break the week of easter (easter is this sunday, so having the break all next week makes loads of sense to me), we had our spring break last week and are having a 3 day weekend this week -- and return to school the monday after easter. while i understand the desire to avoid adding religious connotations to spring break, for me it's one more day without getting paid, and it just seems more efficient to bundle everything up together. besides, we're taking today off for easter, why not the break too? and schools down here don't have the same issues with mentioning god and religion as the schools in, say, cali.

just weird, if you ask me.

heck, this whole week was a little weird. i kinda expected not to work monday, but then i didn't work tuesday either. and wednesday i was almost a librarian. i was actually asked to come in as a sub for a receptionist (which i didn't realize until i got there -- very odd for receptionists to call subs to get replacements, if you ask me -- i know they have temp services out here). the plan was to switch me off with someone else so they could take care of the receptionist spot, but then i was put in the library. was in there for maybe 20-30 minutes when they came in and said a sub hadn't shown up so i needed to go into a classroom instead. they were good kids, so it was fine, but it all just seemed odd to me. yes, every school is different, but i doubt my youngest girl's school would call in a sub for a missing receptionist. very weird.

yesterday i pretty much baby-sat. but it was a very watchful baby-sitting since the kids were on computers and that means making sure they are where they're supposed to be and not off wandering the net where they're not supposed to be.

in my second career, i almost tossed my novel and my writing down a very deep, very dark well. it was a mood thing combined with a link thing. i got over it pretty quickly, i just need to get past the chapter that's driving me up the wall.

can you say pms?

and my cat has been very strange for most of the week -- running around and yowling like a phreak. as far as i can tell, he's not flea plagued, not constipated, not sick in any way. the whole being a weirdo thing worked on tuesday -- there was a fire in the neighborhood, but for the rest of the week? vagner has always been a little strange, but this has been completely outside his usual strange catness.

i even got more than one comment on one one my lj posts! one comment on any of my lj posts is amazing (granted, my lj posts are rather boring -- word counts and all that stuff), more than one means it's time to note it on the calendar.

it's been such a weird week that i feel like i need to recuperate. i'm tired -- groggy -- and my tummy is rather unhappy with me at the moment. not sure what's up with that. the new way of eating is going okay except for the sugar cravings that hit around my cycle. and the actual cycle was weird too -- just some spotting.

so, maybe a 3 day weekend isn't such a bad idea right now. we do have plans this weekend, really. today is chores and writing. and apparently we're getting a new a.c. -- this is good, the afternoons get quite uncomfortable. tomorrow we're off to see kitten on base -- not sure quite all she has planned for us, but she's looking around the area to see what we can all do as a family. sunday we get to finally finish up jewel's birthday with her birthday dinner. it's actually a good thing that the server upgrade is scheduled for this weekend since i'll be pretty busy for most of it.

and since i wouldn't be able to do any writing without having today off, i guess the 3 day weekend ended up being nicely scheduled too.

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