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wednesday, april 19, 2006

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it's been yet another long day in a very long week. i'm not working tomorrow and, cut into the paycheck or not, i think i need it to unwind. to de-stress.

to record new messages for the house and cell phones.

and find one of my missing books.

and, if i'm lucky, maybe write. that would be good. very good.

today was appointments and side trips. first there was froggy's appointment to get her into behavioral health since they manage the meds for adhd kids. unfortunately, this means she will have to make up the infamous reading crct since no one sent a letter stating it was being held today and the medical appointment takes precedence anyway. no one needs to see miss froggy off her meds for long.

while saxy drove froggy to school (right across the way from our kaiser), i went down for my second of 2 blood pressure checks. my pressure is still elevated but looking better. how that happened, i'm not sure. we've only been on the diet a week. of course, part of that has been to cut my salt significantly.

hell, maybe i operate better under stress. lord knows it's what i'm used to. been used to it for years now.

saxy also went to pick up vagner for one of our side trips. vagner has been acting the phreak of late -- running around the house and yowling in the oddest way. it's been going on for about a week. jewel mentioned he was going in the cat box, but wasn't staying long, and saxy wondered if the poor guy was constipated or having some other similar trouble. i've not noticed any issues when he comes to get his belly rubs, and he's not indicating his rubs cause him pain in any way, but we figured it was better to take him to the vet and make sure he's okay. miz vet charged $112 to tell us he seems all right by her exam, but that we could do a urinary track infection check for another $150.

we've taken to locking him in a room alone with his own water, food, and cat pan to see if there is indeed a not going or a not going enough problem before we try to locate that kind of cash. for the earlier part of his return home, this proved to be a good idea since roro was acting like he was a total stranger. it didn't take her too long to get used to him again, but for awhile there she was quite the hissy cat.

then we had a brief break before we ran up to the high school, dropped off a few more forms for a few more teachers and picked up jewel for her psych appointment. since this was her appointment, we checked her in then went off to finally eat something. (it was 3:30 and we hadn't eaten all day because we were on the run most of the day . . . and had very little in the house to actually eat.) when we went back to pick her up, we made a new appointment for the psych and also an appointment with taz's doctor since she's the one that handles meds for kids. turns out jewel's teachers noticed some distractibility issues as well. she'll also be seeing her to figure out what is actually going on with the kid in case there's something other than adhd at play in her recent behavior. on our way out from said appointment making, we also stopped by dermatology to make an appointment there as well. poor jewel has a pretty stubborn case of acne and nothing over the counter has helped.

from there we went and picked up froggy from school and headed home. saxy dropped us all off and picked up a few groceries (yes, the rent check will bounce).

from everything spent today, i suspect his check is almost gone. i honestly don't know how we're going to cover the utilities that will be threatening disconnection, the rent, the car insurance, the school loan payment, plus the necessities of life over the next month or so. and next month is the last month of school. summer is coming. saxy may work more, but it will still be less than our incomes combined.

yep, definitely need some down time and space tomorrow. for now i'm off to kill things on the psp2. it ain't paying the bills, but i can imagine i'm getting rid of creditors for awhile. :P

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