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some kind of crazy
friday, april 20, 2012

we have the down payment. i've turned in the documentation i knew about for the gift from saxy's parents. and now? now they want 2 months "reserve", which sounds like they want us to have another $1500 in the account on top of what's already there. this was NEVER mentioned when we first started talking about buying the house. if it had been, we'd have told them it was impossible and walked away. at this point, we have the dp, we'll see what we can do about this "reserve", and what will be will be. it just upsets me that they didn't tell us this before we dove in. it's a very good thing we have a rental agreement in place if the sale falls through. (also, saxy's dad says this is them yanking our chain to try to get a higher interest rate or a longer term loan or something. we'll see.) whatever happens, WE are covered for rent or mortgage. it's just irritating that they waited until now to bring up this "reserve".

on the other hand, if we had been told and had to walk away, i wouldn't be doing better with my health, energy, and mood and the cats wouldn't be doing better because we never would have moved out of toxic house. we also wouldn't be looking at lower bills across the board. so maybe this is how it was meant to be. the timing certainly couldn't have been better since we lost child support and health insurance just before the move (granted, the support will be countered when social security kicks in again in june, but still, that would have been two months in a house we couldn't afford WITH the support).

which brings about another interesting bit of timing. saxy's 1099 job has finally moved into its permanent building, but as far as we can tell, there's no sign of taking the workers from contractors on 1099s to employees on w2s. they kept promising the latter when saxy first started working there, which is one of the reasons he took it: he'd have good hours, decent pay, and eventually two w2 jobs in the industry. there have been other concerns that have come up since the move as well, so hubs decided to start looking for another job, either a part time to have his foot in somewhere if the job goes south, or to replace the job entirely. he'd asked about jobs within the company that owns the catering place (they also have a number of restaurants) before, but nothing was available at the time.

this time, there was. part time weekends in a high end mexican/latin food place called el taco.

he starts tomorrow. :)

this is a fantastic opportunity for him. it's in a cuisine he loves. it's high end/fine dining, which is where he needs some experience. the cuisine tends to be "sloppy" like caribbean food, so he'll get ideas of how to plate messier dishes so they fit the higher end dining experience. and it's restaurant experience. REAL restaurant experience, not assembly line restaurant experience. i am beyond pleased that he got the job. and maybe for awhile we can apply the checks to the now needed reserve. probably not since it'll still take awhile to collect the money, and we need to start taking care of our business and getting rid of the debt pile and taking care of things we need (like glasses for everyone; mine alone will be $350+ even at walmart).

the only bad in having yet another job is that i won't be seeing much of him. monday through thursday, he'll be at the 1099 job (at least until he can no longer work with them for whatever reason) during the day. saturday and sunday, he'll be at the new job. evenings are the catering job. so, he gets friday morning free at the moment, and that's about it. there's night when he comes home since i'm up all night, but he'll probably be going straight to bed. our hope is that the new place will like him and start offering enough hours that he can quit the 1099 job. ideally on the financial front, we need him to hold all three jobs for at least the summer.

but i guess that's all a matter of timing as well. hopefully, it'll work out just as we need it to. :)


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