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some good news
saturday, may 14, 2011

no, oldest hasn't changed her mind, to my knowledge. we talk to each other, but the wall is there, and we don't talk about the fact that she can't wait 6 months to move out so her family can survive it. she's gonna do what she's gonna do, and the rest of us will figure it out. have to: my son is relying on me to take care of him. period.

no, this is some very good news from saxy's job. well, there's good news and really good news, though the really good news may not happen.

first, the good news: the employee who has been giving him a hard time apparently got "fed up" and told him she was going to tell the manager, so he spoke to the manager first. she came in while they were talking, and the manager basically told her to back off, he was doing what he was supposed to. she's not bothered him since, and he's come home a much happier man. still wants something more high end on his resume, but at least now he's not being harassed.

but today's news is even better.

r.l. has this policy that moves managers to new stores every few years, and one of saxy's current managers is about to be transferred to a new store. she apparently pulled saxy aside today and told him she would like to recommend him for management. they had discussed his goals and plans a little bit ago, so she knew he was interested but also that he's not planning on being a career r.l. man but wants to open his own place. well, he told her he's interested, and she mentioned that there was training involved. he has a month between terms which will work perfect. he pointed out he didn't know the whole restaurant yet or all the positions, and she said that wasn't necessary. we do know managers move, but it's only every few years, and they remain in the same general area (so no coast to coast separation or moving required). and he couldn't be bumped up to actual management until he was out of school, assuming he gets the position (r.l. has a 50% chance of promoting from inside the company), and there's always the chance that the incoming manager will ignore her recommendation.

but that she would show such faith in him after being there for only 4 months is fantastic! so even if he doesn't make it this time, he has a stronger chance of being picked in the future.

and with management comes higher pay, and more immediate benefits. (this is a company that seems to not wait 3 months or whatever for bennies to kick in, so that's nice.)

i am so excited for him and so proud of him. if we get through the next 6 months without too much upheaval, the future is looking much brighter.

but saxy is right about one thing: we have to be careful how hopeful we get. it's just our luck, you know? but for now, we're going to let the good news be exactly that: really good news that we can enjoy and be excited about.


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