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a last dance
friday, may 14, 2004

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tonight i went to see my oldest in her last performance of the year, the spring dance concert they have at the end of the season every year. it's also the last time i'll be seeing her dance, at least for awhile. i told linnorm he needs to send me pictures of her performances next year, but it won't be the same. needless to say, i cried.

several times.

she was in less performances than i think she deserved, and that's more than motherly pride talking. she is good. oh, some of the girls were better - and the one boy in the junior company was utterly outstanding, but she is much better than at least half the girls in the varsity company. you know how you can tell a kid is just going through the motions? my girl doesn't do that. she obviously loves the music, the routines, her accomplishments in it. her heart's in it. and i remember the first time i saw one of her public performances - she was good, but tended towards "sloppiness," for lack of a better word. none of that was evident. she had one place where she seemed to get a little lost, but she picked it up again within a beat or two. and her solo was wonderfully done, short as it was.

my baby has talent.

and i'm missing her last year of high school.

yea, i'm crying again.

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