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thursday, may 13, 2004

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in 2 weeks we give our notice. 2 weeks! the relief of that thought, knowing we ARE going to get out of here is more exciting that i could ever explain. we're going to be taken care of. everything's going to be okay. and, hopefully, good things will come when we get to georgia.

and am i ever looking forward to that!

packing resumed today. hubby cleared a few more shelves. the house is looking more and more empty. most of the stuff is off our walls, our back bookshelves are cleared of everything except what we're selling, all the extra kitchen stuff is packed away. saxy and i cleared out our dressers and put our clothes in plastic storage boxes so i can sell them. we cleared out both downstairs closets and all the boxes that were down in the dining room and in the closets are now in kitten's old room. because saxy was worried about space, we're getting the larger van instead of the smaller moving van. my books and his videos take up lots of box space. LOTS of box space. lol tonight i'm clearing some of my writing stuff - notebooks and folders and pocket envelope files - into a box. it won't be sealed, but it will get that stuff out of the way and make it easy to just close the box, tape, and go. i have a few extraneous books that can go in there as well.

last night i picked saxy up an ice chest for about $20. it's a pretty nice one too. and we found me a night light type flashlight to read with if i can't sleep at night, and i picked up soem new headphones for my portable cd player to replace the broken ones. and, of course, we picked up more duct tape. pretty much, we're down to buying food for the trip, vets, and getting the dog shaved. oh, and finishing the packing.

things are really good now. with nothing more really to worry about, it's like i've been set free of all the negativity and worries. good thoughts are coming now. and a lot of energy.

i really am ready for this.

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