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wednesday, may 12, 2004

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so, called my brother and we had a good talk. i explained to him just how poor we are over here. yea, every now and then we can pick up something nice, but, for the most part, money gets used. on food, on clothes, doctor appointments, and so on and so forth. and i apologized for not being able to do what i promised.

and he's fine with it.

so, we're back on track with the whole going to georgia thing. i can feel better about putting our furniture up for sale, which i will be doing probably tomorrow. we can work on packing some more. even saxy is a bit more comfortable with the whole thing. the only downside is my body is now giving me its typical stress/after the stress is over reaction. i so seriously could live without it.

my brother also told me not to worry about buying food if we need it (i had told him we were trimming our food bill as much as we could), that if we have a few extra needs that have to be taken care of, then don't worry about it. he's going to start sending money soon since he needs to reserve money in the second half of june for the house and a car. first check will go to the uhaul, second to the rental car.

this also frees me to try and pick up the last few things we need for the trip. he's going to help with the vet and getting gypsy shaved for summer, and with gas money. so we're still working on food to pack in the ice chests (one for him and one for me and the kids) and a few other minor things (like an ice chest for him). and a major thing. our phone has been dying for months now and is finally getting to the point that unreliability is the norm. tonight i have to go get us two phones - one for downstairs and one for the bedroom (which has nothing to do with georgia).

and duct tape. (we so seriously need to invest in a duct tape company.)

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