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wednesday, may 14, 2003

the past couple of days have just sucked and made me wish menopause would just go ahead and happen already. we're falling into the realm of too much information, but having to stay up all night 2 days in a row to take care of things is not my idea of a good time. add the storm the moved in sometime the day before yesterday, the body aches, and the sapped energy, and i'm sure anyone can understand why i just wish the whole woman thing would get itself over with once and for all. i'm not getting a whole heck of a lot done, all i really want to do is sleep, and the whole thing is very frustrating.

it's pretty scary being this exhausted despite taking my iron.

and my tolerance for some things is pretty much zero right now. i stayed on away yesterday on my i.m.'s because i didn't want to snap quite rudely at a friend who is having yet another crises in her life (and just my phrasing of that show show intolerant i'm being at the moment). her life is in almost constant upheaval and, unlike most people, she's in constant freak out mode about it. usually i can deal with it and don't mind letting her unload her newest situation, but yesterday i wasn't in the mood. i'm not even sure if i'm in the mood today. my storm headache is finally developing. ugh. i probably sound totally bitchy about it, but, in my own defense, i must say that i usually try to provide the support she's begging for. however, when i say i'm not feeling well, that's a pretty good sign i don't need your stress on top of my own. this particular friend doesn't usually take the clue, however. so i bailed.

i haven't even done any tai chi this week. i ache too much. and my energy is so low as to be almost nonexistent. i've been lucky to not have spent the last 2 days in bed. the night before last i was in bed at midnight. last night i went to bed at 1:30. now i am a 2 - 3 in the morning gal, so these times are the equivalent of a person who usually goes to bed at 10 or 11 hitting the hay at somewhere around 8. even more telling, i didn't lay awake in bed for an hour trying to go to sleep. i crawled under the covers and was out in 5 minutes.

adhd 0, anemia 2.

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