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shared breakfast
sunday, may 11, 2003

mother's day today began with a shared breakfast. see, my lovely older girls, jewel and kitten, decided to make me breakfast. all well and good, but i have trouble getting down 2 or 3 pancakes. 10 is just a bit of an overkill for me. i gave each of my kids 2 pancakes and ate the remaining 2 plus some scrambled eggs. it was a nice breakfast all in all. i also received a box of candies from the ex, a couple of cards, a handmade hanging from the kids, and some kitchen towels from jewel.

after that the family just sort of scattered. hubby took his mother to see identity and jewel and kitten ran out to target, leaving me home with the younger kiddos. they pretty much stayed upstairs and i worked on my weekend crits. my mother stopped by and our visit was actually fairly pleasant for once. and not over long. soon after she left, the rest of the family filtered in and we had our family night movie.

so, it was a nice mother's day, a bit odd, but nice. (however, i do have to say, mother's day is one of the worst days to be all crampy and queasy.)

oh, and the stereo rocks!

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