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saturday, may 10, 2003

last week my stereo finally bit the big one, at least the cd player did. to be fair, it had been threatening to do this for some time, but the timing is still not the best. i really was hoping it would wait for another few months at least. get us past summer and back into the school year proper when we are making regular bill payments and not have a skip be a big deal. in a couple of paychecks, saxy will have a 3 week vacation, then a half time summer. (okay, granted, half-time for him his 8-10 hours instead of 10-12 hours.) but nooooooo. the sucker had to give up the ghost last week.

the carousel did its usual thing i slid the tray out mid cd, but when i tried to send the carousel back in it did this bump and grind, back and forth, god awful noise thing and never made it all the way into the stereo. i was able to get a couple cd's out via the front of the carousel, but the carousel would no longer turn so i ended up having to pop the top to get the others out. after that we had to keep the power on all the time or it would make that god awful whine trying to shut the cd carousel without any success. the tuner worked, the tape decks sometimes worked. and this thing has no warranty. repairing it would cost as much as a replacement, so we went straight to replacement.

the problem was, nothing the stores had fit. the 5 cd players, which i pretty much made a requirement for the replacement, were all freaking ugly. black and red together never looked so horribly bad together. now i could have picked up a 60 cd storage unit and a 400 storage unit, but neither really appealed to me. the other option was the trays and those have more problems than the carousel. the shelf unit up in our bedroom with trays gave up the ghost a lot sooner than this one did.

so we began looking at putting together individual pieces (which i honestly plan to do some day when i have the funds), however, creating a sound system that way is very, VERY expensive. but there were 2 other systems at one end of the components shelves that weren't components and weren't typical shelf systems. they were combined cd/dvd players/receivers. no cassette decks, but it wasn't like we were using them anyway. these systems were more expensive than the shelf systems we were looking at but less expensive than buying separate components, so they seemed to be a good compromise. after some discussion, we agreed that, for the price, picking one of them up would be a good idea, but the cost was a bit prohibitive. we decided to make it a combined mother's day/father's day gift as we knew we'd spend at least the cost of this one system between the two days.

and it totally rocks. i love my . . . er, our new system. it took some time to get the monster set up, but it is most definitely worth it. it's also our first real electronics we've bought for the both of us. i just have to get used to saying "ours" and not "mine," which i am sure sounds weird considering how long we've been married.

i've always said i'm a bit slow on the uptake.

on a side note: i've decided on 2 more closures of sorts. the first is that i will no longer be giving certificates to the sites of the moment. i just never seem to get to doing the graphics any more. i mean to, but i get distracted and busy and the next thing i know at least a week has passed and it becomes almost pointless. the second thing is that i will be closing almost all my portals and combining what's left into a favorite links kind of thing. like the graphics site, i just do not keep up with these any more. i'll keep the old copies somewhere in case i ever want to put them back up, but this just seems the best way to go for me. my writing is such a focus these days that most everything else is going to the wayside rather quickly.

and that really does seem to be for the best.

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