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where's my feet?
tuesday, february 23, 2010

the teeth thing is almost over, and i'm trying to get back on my feet (for the 100th time in how many months?) again. it's actually going okay so far. yesterday went really well; today not so much, but i blame the weather. rainy days always seem to kill the energy. it's that mild sad thing kicking in.

anyway, the last week or so has been very busy with a lot of money going out of the house. yes, we got the tax return when promised, and we promptly got busy. older two girls and the grand baby got their things, and we spent A LOT on toys and clothes and things for the husband and his new career. we also spent a minor fortune on my teeth: $2300 for one root canal and some work on the neighboring tooth. we can't do anything for the older missing filling, especially not at those prices. even if we had help off spending as originally planned, i would have decided against any work on the last tooth. $3-4000 would have been bad enough. a possible $5600? absolutely not. not with everything else we needed to take care of. we even managed some bills and paid a month's rent, none of which would have been possible if we had to put nearly $6000 of our $6800 tax return into my mouth. there are some things we did miss, like the two younger kids, but we've got ways to get the most important of it covered (linnorm will be adding bits of extra to help cover their needs), and the stuff for me i can wait on.

on the to do list for next year: glasses for me and a new fridge.

we also didn't manage the things we were planning with kitten's tax return as her return was all taken by someone she owed that the eventually to be ex was supposed to take care of and obviously hasn't. since her name is primary, hers was the money taken to cover the bill. she was very upset as she had plans for herself and baby cat.

one of those things we helped with: a new laptop. her old laptop has been having issues for ages and she starts college again in a couple of months. she needed laptop that was not only reliable but also could handle whatever she would need to add to it software wise for her illustration classes. between that and the emergency run to the vet for vagner, we had about $750 of that money spent in unexpected places.

but the rest went to things we had planned for:

» clothes for kitten, baby cat, jewel, and saxy (he needed chef coats and black chef pants for job hunting as well as jeans and shorts and t-shirts and shoes; and those chef things? they aren't cheap!);

» bedtime clothes for taz (but, trust me, he needs a lot more than that, the lanky monster);

» new wooden cutting boards to replace the nasty plastic ones we had (and that had been used for everything under the sun and probably were growing entire cultures in the cracks);

» table top mixer;

» big food processor;

» deep fryer;

» smaller tools: a mandolin (japanese slicer), a zester, several different baking pans, some measuring spoons, a sifter;

» some dessert glasses and some ramekins;

» a shelf for all our tupperware, a plastic cabinet with 3 drawers for the lids & smaller tools, and 2 hanging baskets all to make space on the kitchen utility table for all the larger equipment we'd bought while still leaving space to use the table top to work on;

» and for me, some books so that i had something nice to "play with" (just having money spent on the teeth and nothing else is kinda depressing).

i'm sure i missed some stuff, but we definitely took care of saxy's needs. now he can practice for his baking and pastry practicums and play around a bit more with plating and recipes. we still need to get him a pressure cooker and a set or two of stainless steel cookware, among other things, but we did really well considering we had a few curve balls thrown in there.

the work on my teeth was done last tuesday. i was in the chair for 5 hours. o.O eating was pretty much a bitch until today: i couldn't eat on the side they worked on because, dead tooth or not, that sucker hurt! and the other side still has an open cavity that is well enough when left alone but not when i need to use it to actually chew something. the dentist also put me on penicillin to fight some possible infections he saw and to keep the risk of infection down while i healed. dealing with that has been a whole lot of fun...not. i'm sure every woman who has ever had penicillin knows what i'm talking about. :P

the cool thing is that during this whole mess, the weight has stayed pretty steady. in fact, yesterday i did my first weigh in to get back to the weight loss efforts, and i came in half a pound lighter than when the teeth thing started. haven't been able to exercise much, but i've also been limited on what i can eat. a lot of eggs over the last few weeks. :P

i go back in early march to get the permanent crown for the root canalled tooth. hopefully there won't be any need to try to get back on my feet after that...i can barely find them now.

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