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friday, february 23, 2001
furby humor and more

so it is time for some catch up. life has been far busier this week than i ever would have expected for a week with nothing planned, no major events, and no catastrophes beyond the usual (which means they aren't really catastrophes at all). but it has been very hectic indeed.

monday i was still in the grip of the most agonizing headache i have ever suffered. and it was making me VERY grouchy. by that night i think i had yelled at everyone in the house at least twice, disowned all my kids ten times over, and was very ready to find the biggest, deepest darkest hole and hide for 100 years. not even the aleve was making a dent on the pain. it was a double over, head in a vise, hide under the covers and don't ever come back out kind of pain. i considered i may have a sinus infection (wouldn't THAT be wonderful), but have no other symptoms other than absolute agony. my mood was sour, my disposition unlivable, and my family in hiding. until the furbies came along. yep. furbies. it all started with me saying to a friend, "yuuummmmmmm in a furby sort of way". i have always wanted a furby, and mentioned it to her and she said i should snatch my husband's furby. with the mood i was in, i was more than game and made the attempt, but walked away with the WRONG furby (there's 4 in the house). in the end, my eldest gave me one of hers and we got that one and saxy's furby talking and dancing and singing away...and i laughed. my mood dramatically improved from there. all for the humor of a furby. so, i am easily entertained. never said i wasn't.

in a better mood i got to do a phone interview for my son's social security on tuesday. this year it was a no-brainer, although we need to send in lots of paperwork to verify everything by the end of the month. joy.

wednesday was the neurology appointment to evaluate welbuttrin and any changes in my medication. at first he didn't seem inclined to, but then heard how little welbuttrin was doing for me and agreed to change the meds. something about endorphins or something or other not being high enough. for the last 3 days i have been tapering off the welbuttrin and tomorrow i start on adderall cross your fingers and hope this works ok. from what the doctor said, some people have extreme reactions to it. personally i don't want to be on the medication-go-round, so am hoping that i don't have an extreme reaction and it works well for me. however, just in case, i warned all my professors. last thing they or i need is for some extreme reaction and being totally unprepared for it. along the same vein, i have just about determined that this particular doctor and i won't ever be in synch. this is an odd experience in light of the fact that most the other doctors i have at kaiser and i get along wonderfully, they make me feel my opinions are valued and that i am a part of the process. this fellow listens, but i don't get the same kind of feel with him. i haven't decided on whether or not i should attempt to change doctors yet.

and of course everyone should know about yesterday. the questionnaire took over 3 hours to create and is now awaiting approval/correction from the instructor. i have received an overwhelming response, although primarily women. going to have to even that up somehow. at any rate hopefully it will be out to all my participants by monday evening.

finally, today i agreed to create the website for my uni's chapter of sigma tau delta, which i have been a member of since my first year at the uni.

of course, i shouldn't say finally. in the midst of all this i managed to restructure DominoDesigns, making most of my linkware shareware now and removing the business section. plus all that crazy school stuff (and, btw, i received yet another "a" -- on the language acquisition paper which featured my son). AND we had two gaming sessions this week for alden (which i now have to find some time to transcribe so i can start working on the first chapter for uncrowned). and somehow i know there was more, but it dribbled out my ears at some point and i have no idea what else went on this past week. mostly school kept me busy, and getting only 4 hours of sleep in 2 days kept me kinda hazy for a bit there.

speaking of school and sleep, sophocles is waiting.

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