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friday, february 26, 2010

it's been a generally rough week: good day monday, mediocre day tuesday, then everything just kinda went to hell on wednesday. thursday was good but busy; today was busy, but i've under the weather. considering kitten's been pretty sick this week, it's no surprise. i'll catch it, get better, everyone else will catch it, then i'll catch it again. just how it goes in this house. i won't go into everything that happened on wednesday; just know it started off badly and kept going downhill from there. it was one of those spiraling days that just couldn't seem to find a way up. i did try my hand at gnocchi for the first time (will eventually put up a post at chef's wife), and it actually came out okay. needs some work, i suspect, but i'll take okay, especially since the original recipe i used was mucked up and i had to use other recipes to figure out how to fix it. not sure i'll be trying it again, though. saxy didn't like it.

anyway, a couple of good things did happen this week, one of them we've been waiting for for a long time—since before the holidays. i think i mentioned a place that saxy put his resume in at that acted like he was hired then never called him back. we recently saw an ad that they were hiring. he went back down with his new resume and they recognized him and said something to the order of "oh, yea, you're waiting to hear if you have a job!" um...yea. this week they finally called him and said he is indeed being offered a position! now the definite position and pay are not decided yet; he has to go in and show them his skill level so they know where to place him. we are so relieved he has something and should be starting soon. finally! a job! and just in time! he should get a week, maybe 2 of unemployment left. hopefully the kitchen will be up to opening soon (i guess they're waiting on appliances) and he'll have paid training. regardless, he has a job! and in the field he wants! we're just so pleased. even if it did take these guys forever and several reminders he was looking. :P

we've also managed to get all but maybe 2 or 3 bills caught up. so we're left with a few bills, larger bills, but none of them are at the point of disconnect. we have a few other things that need to be taken care of or picked up, but saxy now has a job, so maybe we can finally get things like my glasses and his stainless steel set (a good one). and saxy should be fairly happy in this job since it's what he wants to do. hopefully the place will make it past the first year (2/3rds of new restaurants never make their first anniversary) and he'll get the experience he needs not only to improve and expand his skills, but also what he needs to move into a new position in a place that's closer to what he eventually hopes to open.

the only down side to all of this is that we probably won't be seeing that much of each other for awhile. if he's not in school, he'll be at work. we're planning a weekend together for dragon*con come september, but that's months from now. so this sunday night, we're going to go out to dinner and a movie. considering the amount of money we spent on cool stuff out of the tax return. it seems...excessive, but, like i said, it's going to be months before saxy and i have time to do anything like this again. i just hope the sick isn't too bad by then.

and hopefully we have finally come to a point where we'll have another several years of employment, and maybe we can finally STAY caught up for once. heck, maybe we can finally get ahead for once! wouldn't that be something?

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