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turning around
thursday, february 26, 2004

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being as sick as i was resulted in another flip in my sleeping schedule. i swear all it takes is one day of being up all night and sleeping till 2pm to mess me up. for days, even weeks, after that, i am up all night and sleeping past noon. as much as i enjoy being a night owl, enough is enough. my whole day gets messed up, and i get nothing done if i sleep past 10:30 or 11 in the morning. interestingly enough, getting up too early, even if i went to bed early, leaves me groggy and half awake for most of the day - the day cycle just isn't in my natural rhythm. going to bed between 2 and 3am is best for me; i wake up at around 10:30 or so and am actually productive.

i slept a lot when i was sick, day and night, but mostly day. my night sleeping was spotty, though i didn't stay up all night until i started feeling better. then, after sleeping all day for several days in a row . . . well, who wants to sleep after that? not me, apparently. and i haven't been to bed before 5am since. most days i've been lucky to get in bed by 7am so now i have this nasty little cycle going: up all night, sleep all morning into the early afternoon, get next to nothing done for the rest of the day because my entire routine is thrown off.

so today i'm not going to bed. well, maybe a nap sometime early this afternoon since i have an online class to teach. with any luck i can go to bed at a "reasonable" hour (anywhere from 11pm to 2am) and get myself back on track. unlikely to happen, but i can hope.

i just need to stay out of the couch of doom. see, our living room couch is this black futon. sitting in it is dangerous even when you're wide awake because it lulls even the most alert person into a comfortable position and the next thing you know you've slept for 3 or 4 hours. you could be watching your favorite film, or a new film that just might become your favorite film, and that couch will knock you out cold. knowing what it does doesn't save you either. it sucks you in a little at a time.

so, i'm going to sit at the pc for as long as i can take it doing writing related things, take a shower, then sit some more. when my brain turns to mush, and know it will happen, i will try to read something interesting. after that, a short nap. then i teach the world building class at dii. and tonight our usual thursday tv shows. just gotta see that tank on e.r. then i can crash. and, hopefully, that will get me back on track.

yea, right. and in a day or two i'll be so focused on something that i won't notice when it's 4am and i'll be right back to trying to get myself turned back around again.

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