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monday, march 1, 2004

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saxy has an interview today. but he may not get the job. why? his license is still being held up.

saxy has a passenger endorsement so he can drive vans and buses. this is what he did for laidlaw and his last employer - drive. he got the endorsement for the laidlaw position. the endorsement requires a physical and there's particular paperwork that has to be filled out but the doctor. and the doctor did fill it out, just not completely or correctly. the paperwork got bounced back for the third time today. so, even though we've done what we're supposed to and paid for everything, the license is still on hold and saxy is running around trying to fix the mess. he'll probably be at it tomorrow as well.

in the meantime, an employer who initially hired someone else after his first interview has called and requested a second interview. however, it's for a driving job. one that requires the passenger endorsement. gah! we need the work. the timing couldn't be worse.

on top of that, the money for the car is slowly being chipped away as saxy delays buying a car. i'm not completely sure what's going on there. he told me he's not confident enough to buy a car without his father's input, that he'd be afraid it would tank within the first couple of months. i told him that would be no worse than me - i'd find something of a reasonable price, drive it around just to make sure it runs, ask if it had its own transmission. if it passed on all counts, i'd buy it. end of story. if i'd go with so little, certainly he can too and it tanking wouldn't be his fault because anything i bought probably would too.

he also said he was worried about driving it back without his license, my response was that i could drive and we could hold off registration a few days since we need to register it in his name to prevent my property from being taken for that damn judgment. there was nothing said about me not driving the damn thing, just me not owning it.

as far as i can tell, none of this has had any effect whatsoever. still no car, still very little being done to get a car, and the money for said car is still being nickled and dimed to death.

a car and a license. what's so hard about these two little things? the way things are going, you'd think i asked to win the loterry or something.

not that winning the lottery would be all that bad.

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