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wednesday, march 3, 2004

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i've seriously been contemplating redesigning both and alden is probably safe for the time being since i managed to fix the one thing that bothered me about the design (a nit picky thing), but i'm having to fight it for so far this isn't a huge fight since i have no idea what i would do different, but i know eventually an idea will come and then . . .

resistance will be futile.

well, not necessarily. i actually really like my current design. the problem is i've been seeing some really fantabulous designs of late, particularly for my sotm recipients. oh yes, jealousy reigns! sometimes i feel so outclassed, which is silly. i mean, yea, there are some sites out there that put mine at the bottom of the heap, but this isn't a competition (if it is, i lost a loooooooong time ago!). the point, to me, has always been to be happy with the site.

but i have to admit that it might be time for a change, if i can ever think of anything to change to. the current design has been up for at least a year and a half. and i've used pretty much the same colors for even longer. maybe it's time for a more vibrant design, even though i do prefer softer colors if only because they are easier on the eyes.

i do keep trying to delay the inevitable by adding new stuff here and there through the sites. unfortunately, creating new fan listing sites doesn't seem to be helping much. who knows, maybe doing little stuff like that is only making the redesign bug worse. but maybe it is staving off the impending redesign by using up my net and graphics creativity. this would be a good thing, because it's not just the coming up with an idea to redesign.

i mean, seriously, do you know how many pages has?

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