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thursday, march 11, 2010

another busy couple of weeks. tooth was done, but i was down for another week, then i got sick and had to take antibiotics because kitten has exposed me to strep (not something you want to get with asthma or high blood pressure). we also had things like a major vet thing going for the dog ($400 and we may have more testing coming) and other people getting sick and scattered schedules.

one thing in a house with all these kids is that it is rarely settled down around here. makes it a lot harder for me to write, among other things.

and that's becoming a bit of a big deal right now. saxy is finally employed and he started working this week. they're not quite open yet (they'll be doing a soft opening tomorrow, if they can get the food in in time), but the new staff is helping finish get the place ready and is supposed to do some training. the training, well, yea, hasn't been quite so forth coming. hopefully they're working at it tonight now that they've passed inspection. if the soft opening goes as planned tomorrow, i might even go in for lunch, if i can fit it in because, yea, tomorrow is more crazy in terms of the schedule.

with saxy employed, he's going to be settling his schedule into a school in the morning, work in the afternoons and evenings kind of thing. and with evenings the time he'll be working, possibly until 3 a.m., we're no longer going to be spoiled any more. i should say, i'm not going to be spoiled any more. i'm now back on dinner duty pretty much full time. we're hoping he'll get a night or two off a week so we can continue his mystery boxes, but we'll have to see. but this means shuffling my own schedule just a little to make sure things like dishes are done early and dinner is started way earlier than it has been tonight (which is to say, it's 8 p.m. and dinner's just getting started). when he and kitten go back into school, i may even have days where i'm driving them in so i have a car to handle things i need to handle like doctor appointments and whatnot. with him working, that may also mean me taking him to work and bringing her home to go to work.

yea, a whole lot of crazy going on.

come summer, everyone's off, including kids, and both saxy and kitten will probably push the hours while i have kids to deal with all day. the only problems i have is with the writing because there's all these interruptions.

the real schedule concern is fall. when youngest goes back to her new school, i will more than likely have to drive her in, drive saxy and kitten in, and then be available to pick everyone up. so far gwinnette county doesn't seem to be talking teacher lay offs or school closures, but i'm almost positive the budget crunch will tank the van that's been taking care of her transportation. i'm willing to do this, though, because she's actually doing pretty well there. she's had some rocky footing, but it is another change in a long string of changes, and she is more than aware of what she needs to do. and she really wants to go it; she has her goal of the arts institute of miami and doesn't want to give them any excuse to reject her application.

i know at some point, i had a regular schedule of sorts that allowed writing without interruption. not sure when it was anymore, but it looks like it's not happening again any time soon. instead there will be more adjustments going on as one schedule goes out and another comes in...again and again....

i guess that's just something i'll have to get used to as long as i have a bunch of kids and students in the house. what would be nice is if the job scene stays stable for saxy. i can handle the schedule shifts as long as they don't also mean another tumble in the finances.

and now, i need to go and work on that late dinner.

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