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tuesday, march 31, 2010

there is so much going on for us these days, it seems. i'm deep into two new novels as i wait for feedback on my first, saxy has just finished his second quarter and is about to start his third, and our oldest is about to join him. and then there are other things going on that are a bit more scary. but let's back up....

saxy's grades are in from his second quarter: a "b-", a "b+", and an "a". he's disappointed in the two b's, but i'm quite proud of him. for one, grades above a c have always been a bit difficult for him. for two, he had a jackass of a chef who doesn't "give" out a's—another student in his class had a's across the board at midterms and her midterm grades was a b. i've run into profs like this and i hate them. there's absolutely no reason to feel like they have to grade so had that an "a" can't be earned or to make the highest grade anyone can earn a "b". that saxy had to deal with that kind of attitude while the chef nodded and agreed he'd probably get an "a" out of him for two classes is downright irritating. the good news is that his cumulative gpa is a 3.5, which means he's still dean's list, i believe, and i know he can bring the gpa up higher as long as he doesn't have another idiot teacher like this.

he's spent the two weeks since quarter's end working mostly, both his night line cook/chef job and taking extra, "under the table" days from a friend in construction. he's had days off, but those days are often filled with other things like grocery shopping and so on. the job is going well so far. they're still working from their soft opening, which means not as much business as they'd like, but they're also still shaking down the crew, among other things. my understanding is that two people have been fired so far, but the management and the head chef are all very encouraging towards saxy: they know he's a student so give him a little more slack and are working with him to make sure he'll get the experience he needs. i think they mentioned possibly grooming him to be head chef for one of their new spots if/when they expand. and they're encouraging him to finish culinary school and more than willing to work around his schedule with his hours. he's getting paid $1 less/hour than we thought, but so far the checks are at least the same as his unemployment. once they do their hard opening, his hours should go up, assuming he can handle them. the best thing out of it all? he's happy. he's loving what he's doing, and you can tell.

next week, he and kitten start their spring quarter—her first and his third. she's in class monday, wednesday, and thursday; he's in class wednesday, thursday, saturday, and sunday. for most of the quarter, i'll have to up early monday and wednesday to watch baby cat, but for the first week or two, the younger kids are out of school for spring break, so i'll have some help at first. tomorrow we go down to the college for her orientation and to pick up books, the parking pass they need, and some software they need, among other things. hopefully saxy's credits from the last two quarters will be in and between those and the $100 she gets for being a new student, we can pay for all the books and whatnot out of that and not use our own cash. we're prepared to, if we must, but the hope is we won't have to, at least not for the books and parking pass. the software may need to come out of pocket, but they get the student discount, and from what i see on their store site, that's quite significant. it'll be a long day, but hopefully we'll have about everything they need when we're done. we'll probably go by the dollar store to see what they have in terms of school supplies at reduced costs to make sure they have binders, paper, and all that at a price that's not jacked up the way it tends to be at a college store.

and saxy is in latin cuisine this quarter—a type of food he already loves doing and that isn't as fattening as baking and pastry. i'm very lucky to have managed to have maintained my weight instead of ballooning over the last three months. ;)

and that's something else we're doing: baking our own bread. saxy is considering the bread class instead of one of the other classes we've listed on his education plan, but in the meantime, i've found a couple of easy bread recipes. the bread is good, healthy, and more importantly, cheaper than store bread. i don't know why i was so worried about working with yeast; it's not that hard, really. i'd still like a bread machine, but doing it by hand isn't as hard or as big a deal as i thought it would be. and i'm pretty proud of myself for doing it. i'd like to play around a bit more, but right now, we have to keep the cost as low as possible. once we're on more stable footing financially, i'm going to look into a multi-grain bread recipe that doesn't use cereal as the additional grains. lol

as for the other big change, today is the start of looking into guardianship for taz. he turns 18 this summer, so i really should have started looking into it earlier, but i never really thought about it. when it comes to my son, i've been more of a one day at a time kind of person because it can get too overwhelming thinking about everything he'll need in the future. and i guess i never really considered that much would change when he turned 18. it's not like he'll move out, so he'll still be under our care, and he's not going to be able to learn to drive, and he probably wouldn't do well in college since his high school stuff is living skills and vocational skills rather than academics. but if we don't do this, and he hurts someone by accident or someone takes advantage of him and has him sign a contract, he could be held liable even though he had no idea what he was doing. they told me a story about an autistic girl who took her parents' credit card and paid to get into on-line college; because they didn't have guardianship, they had a choice of having her prosecuted for credit card fraud or paying the school the $2000 bill she created. while i don't see taz doing something like that, he is eager to please others, and i can see that being used against him to get him to be responsible for stuff he really can't make decisions on. so we're starting the process of looking into the guardianship process and so on. my biggest concern is cost. i've got a copy of the required paperwork and it's...well, it's legalese. i just don't see how we're going to manage with out a lawyer. we have a few months before we put in the petition—there's some things we need from the school before we can, so we'll see if we can manage it. but even if we can, the court apparently may want us to have an attorney anyway. we'll just have to see how it goes.

so, it's been busy for us, like usual. as much as i appreciate the quiet more than i did when i was younger, guess we can't expect much else with a household of seven. and even quiet won't keep things from changing. it's one of the few constants in life. ;)

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