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a lot of crazy
tuesday, april 13, 2010

and not all of it good.

like i mentioned in my previous entry, we've had a few schedule changes close together. kids were off last week, but that's also when saxy and kitten started spring classes as well. this week, kids are back in school and we're starting the two months where it'll be pretty much just baby and me most of the day. the kids will be out may 26 or 27 and the saxy and kitten will have finals and be out right around then as well. the plan is for them, and froggy, to all work over the summer. froggy will only get to do so if she can get a job at brewster's (the only local company that hires 14-18 year olds, as far as i know) and her grades are up. she's working on it, but we shall see if she manages to get them all up to passing (and i may take d's just because she's been bounced so many times that it'll be a miracle for her to get c's by then—not saying she couldn't, just figuring that would be way too much work for her even as motivated as she is right now, and i'd rather encourage her than get pissed off she's not doing c work after so much bouncing around).

but all that is a few weeks away.

and not part of the crazy going on right now.

last week wasn't all that bad with the kids home. it was a little noisier than usual around here, but there weren't the number of fights that i expected, and what fights there were were between the two older girls and, occasionally, the husband. yea, that was annoying. the adults were being worse than the kids at some points. but overall it was good.

what wasn't good was the money. we got quite a bit, and almost everything we got went into school expenses: a payment against kitten's account with the school, books (god, books! almost $300 all by their lonesome!), software, parking pass, general supplies...all told, we had to have spent between $600 and $700. it has put quite a kink in the finances this month. we're overdrawn big time and trying to figure out how to pay rent. utilities may just have to wait. it's that big of a crunch.

last week was also the first week of the saxy's new job where the hours were bad. I mean really bad, and we're worried this will become a regular problem until the place is on its feet. saxy's already poking around for other jobs, one where low hours won't mean he's spending more going back and forth to work than he's receiving in a paycheck, and hopefully one that will give him enough hours so that his checks give us the same as unemployment, minimum. that's still not enough to get us on top, but we can scrape by with a bit of finagling and round robining the bills. Less than that? we can't even scrape so well.

so things are a bit tense for us financially again. not a surprise i suppose, but we were kinda hoping things would ease up when he got work. unfortunately, our curse seems to follow us even when we're doing what we love. i can only hope once he gets enough experience under his belt, it won't be so bad.

or i become the next j. k. rowling or something. o.O

and we may have to work in one more student at the arts institute, which means REALLY expensive first week of the quarter after this. seems jewel is considering finally getting her g.e.d. and going into photography with an aim to eventually focus on fashion photography. and the idea really works for her—she takes a ton of pictures and has a love for fashion. her going will give everyone a $1500 credit per quarter as long as all 3 are in the same school. unfortunately, none of that comes to us or can help with the extraneous expenses that kicked our butts this quarter.

my biggest concern right now is saxy getting enough hours to cover us. we've got a few big bills coming and taz's ssi will only go so far.

the only other crazy last week was the crazy of running around. it's been a long time since i've been overwhelmed by having to be out of the house too much, but it definitely happened last week. grocery store trips, trips looking for specific supplies, a birthday cake, and did i mentioned we're making our own bread now (to save money and for health reasons)? i'm not even sure how i managed any writing, but somehow i did.

but other than the money, most of the crazy has settled for another couple of months. after this, we'll be looking at a schedule changes every 2 or 3 months, but they should be relatively similar—no major changes that require a huge transition. and that is something i can live with. money is an issue, but we'll manage as long as the rest doesn't have me going nuts.

which i will acknowledge it might be too late for....

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