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friday, march 31, 2006

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really, i should be in bed, but i'm not. probably will be soon since the damn migraine isn't responding well to the medication. taking the edge off is okay, but i'd rather have no pain and lose the queasy tummy. i even called in sick to the school i was supposed to be subbing at today.

in some twisted way, this only reinforces how adhd my head is: it's in pain and still can't slow down. yeesh.

it's been an odd week, or seems like it anyway. most days i really didn't have that much to do or going on when working, and yet i still didn't get much of anything done with my writing or anything else -- and i still feel like i was busy most of the week. the ups and downs have been close together -- often the same day. i even stayed up literally all night once this week hyper focused on a project, and that's something i actually haven't done in quite awhile. and i've been tired all week long, even the days where i had enough sleep the night before. it's just been weird. like i've been off center or something (and for a couple of days there, i was just plain out of it). i think i need spring break as much as the kids and regular teachers do.

the only tough day, work wise, was tuesday. the kids knew me, knew i would write them up if necessary, but several students decided they didn't care of something. they really need spring break because spring fever was out of control. no in your face stuff, thank goodness, but a definite "i don't want to" attitude going around. (well, okay, there's always that feeling to a degree -- kids don't want to be in school or doing work, but this was definitely worse than usual.)

the last 2 days felt almost like not working at all. i did have to teach a math lesson on wednesday, but thursday? i might as well have just been baby-sitting. the classes were extraordinarily small and very well behaved. it was really . . . weird. nice weird, but weird.

tuesday i got to see the proof of the anthology presence is slated to be in. the editor wanted to have it out "by the end of the week," but, of course, that's dependent on when the other authors get their proofs back to him and any final changes that need to be made. hopefully i'll be adding a purchase link by the end of next week at the latest.

wednesday i worked on a new idea for the classroom. i wanted to add a few demos to my portfolio. i've noticed a number of teachers using those thin spiral bound notebooks for unit books for the kids. everything pretty much goes in them: notes, worksheets, handouts, assignments, etc. but, while generally cheap, they can add up for either the teacher or the student's family. other teachers use manilla file folders to store stuff, but the kids don't really keep the unit stuff in there, they keep it scattered through their class binders and all that. i like the unit notebooks, but i don't like the idea of the expense. manilla folders, however, are cheap, and can be easily decorated by the kids. so i made some demo manilla folder notebooks -- hole punched them, put stuff inside (also hole punched), "bound" them with ribbon and other things, and decorated the covers. it was a fun project, really. i even made one for another teacher (she thought the idea was good too, and affordable) with notes in it about how to's and be careful of's and that kind of thing. i like being creative like that. :)

we also got a "hey, get insurance or get fined" letter from the dmv. we're finally making it through the month, but just barely, and now i have to come up with another $150-$200 for insurance every month? not happy.

thursday morning i got paid, so i tried to hunt down some insurance online before work. we finally went with esurance . . . sorta. see, i filled it all out all the information; they had to verify some info that might change the quote, but we needed insurance so i clicked "buy anyway;" and got a blank screen. hrmmm . . . so i reloaded, thinking the page might have weirded out, and got another blank screen. by now we're trying to run out the door, i still don't have anything to print to prove we're insured, and i am now suspecting we're about to be double charged. lordy.

while at work, worry about whether or not we've been double charged (good thing this was the "baby-sitting" day) husband leaves me two messages. #1 is good -- insurance problem taken care of. #2 is "call me." uht oh. and uht oh it was -- he took care of the insurance with a different company. yikes! i did manage to get a hold of esurance that evening, explain the problem, and get everything canceled out (and we had double paid), but, for awhile there, the car was so insured we could have bought 2 cars with it had gotten totaled, but we were also pretty dang broke. we're still broke, to a degree, since the money taken out for esurance can't be put back in until, the charges are no longer pending. fortunately, saxy made a good check this week. between him and taz's ssi, we got the rent covered.

yesterday was an out all day kind of day as well. got ink, king kong for saxy, clothes for jewel with the money she earned helping with the house sitting, and a few other things. by the time we got home, i was more than wiped out.

course, just like today, i should have just gone to bed and didn't, at least not right away.

at least i'm consistent. :P

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