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monday, november 16, 2009

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as in i can't think of any way to salvage this situation. we tried to do something that would be good for our family and instead we're losing everything. we started to unpack, but i've stopped that since i honestly don't know if i can convince the landlords to work with us.

i'm a worse wreck than when we were trying to buy the damn house.

we need $1400 for rent. and now we have our electricity and gas about to be disconnected. plus i need to make a payment to saxy's school or they might not let him go on to his new classes. AND my son needs medications. plus we're running out of food. i can't do this in the next two weeks. we have no where near this much money coming in. we've looked into every option we can think of: we can't do pay day loans because saxy isn't employed and kitten doesn't make enough. the church kitten is going to doesn't hand out money to "strangers" (which i can understand to a degree, but they could make any check out to the landlord). no one can help because they're all strapped too and the holidays are coming. we'd looked into pawning off stuff when we were trying to get the house and nothing we have can get us much of anything.

so, in an effort to make things better for us, we may very well have made ourselves homeless. i'm pushing bills as far as i can, but most won't go past the 1st, and taz's ssi isn't going to cover all this.

i just don't know what to do any more. all i seem able to do right now is cry. i am going to write a letter to the landlords and point out that we may have paid late in the past but up to know we've always paid and beg beg beg for time to clean this mess up. with the way everything is falling apart, i'm not holding my breath it will do much good.

i can't believe things have gotten so fucked up.

we are so screwed.


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