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thursday, november 12, 2009

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no, no, no; the house is still a total loss. afraid there's no recovery from that, although i now can have a small feeling of sweet revenge since the house is apparently not selling. according to the neighbor (who saxy spoke to today when he went to get all the light bulbs we put in), a lot of people have been checking it out, but there's not been any serious interest since our deal fell through. granted, it wasn't the bank selling the place that screwed us on the deal, but i do feel a little satisfaction that my window seat has yet to find a new a owner. i expect the place will sell fairly soon though. it's gorgeous, the price is right, and the people who aren't serious about it are nuts. sad truth is even if we got the money now to go through the process all over again and attempt to get the house, we probably would no longer qualify because the first attempt ran us into the ground and then some. i'm sure our credit has taken a huge hit as a result.

and the fallout isn't over yet.

i believe i noted in my previous entry that everything is coming due all at once. one of the things in that state of "must be paid now" is our rent. we had plans to cover it with kitten's loans that were supposed to be disbursed on the 16th. well, now that's not going to happen.

when i went to school, all moneys for a quarter were given at the beginning of the quarter. the school got paid in total, and all remaining funds went to the student. apparently, this is not how it's done for online classes. she got half her funds in the middle of her first "quarter", but her first quarter was only 2 (VERY expensive) classes. the next disbursement was slated for AFTER her second session and was tied to her successfully completing that session, which we did not know. she "completed" the classes, but not successfully, so now that money is no longer hers. in fact, she might now owe the college for those 2 classes.

this is just totally wrong, as far as i'm concerned. it makes taking online courses a HUGE risk. granted, a student would owe for the loans once s/he left school, but that money doesn't come due until a year after you leave. going online is a whole different ball game than walking into a classroom, and it takes a lot more work on the part of the student. a person isn't going to know s/he will be successful until s/he tries it. if the person fails, all of a sudden there's a big bill in their lap. i've considered working on a new degree online (i am home and we might be able to work around taz's needs if i can work an opposite schedule), and i'd probably do okay at it since i've always been an aggressive "go get it myself" kind of student, but now i'm more hesitant to do something like that because of the risk of saddling us with another bill if i fail.

at any rate, when the house fell through, we made our financial decisions based on the understanding that we would get this loan money to save our butts when it came to rent. now that that's not going to happen, we're scrambling to get the $1400 we need by the 1st, plus we need to figure out how to get the $975 for next month. while we have some money still coming in from the amended tax return (not the $8k, obviously, but there was another $1100), the earliest we'll see THAT is probably january because there are steps that have to be gone through before that money can be released to us (steps mostly having to do with the $8000 we're no longer getting). i thought it was quite weird that the tax people were saying we may have to put in another amended form when they've always made the necessary adjustments to my tax returns before.

so, right now, we're trying to avoid eviction. we don't particularly like where we're living, but if we can;t afford to pay rent here, we most definitely can't come up with the funds to move, much less move with the animals we have (since a $300 deposit per animal is not unheard of). even without the animals, we'd be looking at nearly as much at once for a new place as to salvage the situation here. really, for now i'd just rather hang tight and look at moving once saxy's schooling is over and he's been working as a chef for a bit. we'd be more financially sound then and be able to find something closer to where ever he's working without risking the kids' schools. at this point, froggy needs some stability until she's out of high school. she's been in a new school almost every year since we moved out here. so, somehow, we have to avoid eviction.

everything we get is going to go into this, except what we need for food. there's no point to utilities if you have no place to live, so keeping that roof over our heads (and the cell phones active so saxy can job hunt) is a priority. it would really help if saxy's unemployment would kick in before the end of the month, but we're not holding our breath because we're almost certain the old job will try to deny it. and considering what just happened with the financial aid money, i'd rather not pin any expectations on it. we have to act like we're not getting anything extra and use what we're certain of getting to try to get out of this mess.

one small bit of good news in all this: we may have a lawyer to go after the employer. we finally found someone who was just as appalled as everyone else about what was going on with the pay (apparently there's no such thing as wrongful termination in georgia, so we can't get them for firing him for going to school). he's looking into things, and hopefully we'll hear back. we also got another guy to call in about it. we are a little screwed when it comes to reporting this mess to the department of labor since we now can't replace the printer and all our money needs to go into rent, but maybe we have a case to sue these idiots' asses off.

so, the aftermath of the house stuff isn't over yet. if we can get ourselves through the next couple of months, i think we should be fine. well, as fine as to be expected. maybe one day we'll get out of this whole struggling for survival thing. it would be nice to not always be on the edge of financial ruin. and to STAY away from the edge of financial ruin. chefs make decent money. we just have to get him there.


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