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wednesday, november 12, 2003

i think i've mentioned in the past that vagner, our youngest kitten, likes water. and i mean really likes water. we put water in the water dish he shares with the big cat, ororo, and he plays in it, splashing it about until it's gone. if a sink is running, he has to jump on the counter and check it out. left to his own devices, he plays with it, batting at it with his paws. i'll often be in the bathroom with the water running and here he comes, he has to come in and check it all out.

course he's like a toddler in that respect: if mom's in the bathroom, he has to know what she's doing. he hasn't learned the "bother her only when she's on the phone" routine yet. instead he's replaced that with "demand attention when she's in the writing zone," the zone being that time when the words are flying onto the page with next to no effort.

trust me, typing one handed and being in the zone do not mix well.

and when holding won't do, when he demands having his belly pet, the zone goes out the window.

sometimes the problem can be solved with water. not often. it's okay, though. the purrs, snuggles, hugs, and kisses are worth it.

anyway, knowing all this, i was still surprised when he decided he had to watch me take a shower a few nights ago. as i'm cleaning up, he's poking his head around the curtain. the water splashes and he backs up, but not 2 seconds later, he's peering around the curtain again. when i finally get out, he backed up until i started drying off, then he had to help. when he wasn't helping, he was begging for attention by standing on the sink counter and mreowing at me.

i must look pretty damn good when i'm all wet.

with all this water loving, i thought we'd give the rain a try. hey, he'll splash from his dish, play in the sink, and poke his head in the shower, so why not?

not only was he not impressed with the rain, he wanted back inside immediately and was willing to try to claw over my shoulder to get there.

i guess there are limits to wetness even for a water-cat.

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