saturday, december 9, 2006

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there's one thing about our family i think we can attribute to our constant fight just to stay afloat. bounce. we bounce a lot. one day things are just the worst they can be, the next, we've somehow found some kind of footing on the slippery slope. we don't necessarily advance much, but at least we get something out of our circumstances. maybe not what we really want, but it's something, right?

anyway, this bounce came from an infusion of cash from the in laws and finding a decent car. i doubt the car would make it through the same kind of wear and tear that the jetta did - 2 years of 250-500 miles per week was pretty damn good for any used vehicle. and i won't be driving it at all since it's a stick shift -- i can drive them but they frustrate me to death and i'd really rather not be frustrated while driving, thank you very much. one day we'll be better financially and we'll get me a car i can drive that won't have to take the torture that any car saxy drives will need to withstand. at any rate, when i get my check, after adding a portion of the infusion, we'll have a car. it's small, the insurance will probably go up, but it'll be paid for and cost less in gas than the truck. this we can handle.

as for the infusion, that took car of a nasty overdraft in the checking account and a few other things. it more than covered saxy's missing paycheck this week. and it made it possible for us to start taking care of christmas biz. we're going to have quite a full house: us, jewel (who will have moved out by then), kitten and trin, the ex (who will be arriving late christmas day), and trin's family of three. the total: 11. we have the dishes, kitten and her hub are taking care of the chairs (we have the table problem worked out), the real concern will be the state of the cornish game hens. we can't cook all of them at the same time, so we'll have to roast one batch and then heat them up when the second batch is done.

we also celebrated froggy's birthday today. it's hard to believe the girl is actually 13. we did a bit of shopping to take care of a few christmas like things -- picked up a topper for the tree since our angel died last year and a couple of other things -- and we also let her pick out something. she also used grandma's birthday money to help buy an new outfit that's very cute. afterwards, we all went out for breakfast. she didn't get cake and ice cream and all that, but she seems quite content. i think she was just happy that she was able to spend time with the whole family -- even jewel joined us for the trip. we were home before noon since i had grading to do (and still do, yeesh!), but she had a good day. she even got a phoned in happy birthday song from linnorm.

we received our first christmas card of the season from shade, one of the admins at dii. i also received the first return to sender, which was odd since she and i discussed this and i supposedly got the correct address from them. something crossed wires, that's for sure. i'll have to resend the card eventually, but it'll have to be later since we're going into the end of the semester, so she'll be getting her card late.

beyond all that, very little drama today, and none of it big enough worth mentioning. the kids bickered a bit, saxy got tense about a few things, breakfast was fun. pretty much a normal day. i napped when we got back, have most of my grading for the weekend finished, and even managed some play time on the ps2. talked to kitten about the arrangements for the holidays again -- something i'll probably be doing frequently until they get here. we even managed to find a couple of gifts for the kids that we can actually afford. it will be one gift for all of them, but they'll be okay with that.

all in all, a very productive day. and we're feeling okay despite saxy's job being in the air. the checking account is saved, the car is coming, saxy will be looking for another job as soon as said car is here. it's all good, for the time being, anyway. i'm sure something else will come along and attempt to monkey wrench our lives again, but we manage. some how, we always do.

see? bounce!

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