sunday, december 10, 2006

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your oldest telling you that the youngest is bleeding from her nose and mouth is not the best way to wake up in the morning. especially with the husband off grocery shopping and probably completely incommunicado because the grocery store has horrid reception.

fortunately, froggy is fine. it was a nosebleed. the blood from the mouth must have come from back drip or something. the incident definitely woke me up though! the kiddo is resting now, with her head elevated. she gets these things every once in awhile. really, they're on the rare side for her. the last one was so long ago, i had to go to the web md site to look up how to deal with it.

course, even though it's been a year or two since the last bleed, it could be my adhd/anemic memory that made me need to go look it up too.

now we're just waiting for saxy to come back with the groceries so we all can have breakfast. there's no milk in the house, so the kids can't even have cereal. some gift wrapping seems to be going on upstairs in the meantime. jewel has a few things she made in her art class that she's giving to people, froggy has some hand made stuff made especially for us.

i only have one class left to grade, then i need to finish working on a final. i have about a week to get through that. this week should be a little easier on the grading end of things, for the most part. monday is the last day for them to turn in make up work, and i know these kids -- only a few will turn anything in. most of them either don't think i'm telling the truth when i say my grades are the ones that count or just don't care if their grades are d's or u's (they don't do f's out here for some reason). there are a few esol kids who will need me to go through and omit the work they've missed or work that was obviously too much for them to deal with because their english wasn't as strong as it needed to be for the work. i'll have to try to look that over tonight as well. but for most these kids, their parents are in for an ack factor themselves as they realize their child just tanked social studies.

which is another reason i really don't want to go back after the christmas holiday. dealing with angry parents when i'm a sub is not my idea of a good time. granted, it's probably not anyone's idea of a good time. the kids will only be getting themselves into some trouble anyway -- i've been sending home progress reports at least every other week (and every week, for the most part) since about 2 or 3 weeks into the term. i'm sure being told that i've been sending out progress reports every week or so will go over real well with some of these parents. i better print up another set for the kids' files and to have on hand as proof of what the student has or has not been doing. i've been filing all their tests instead of handing them back as well.

things are calmer now that the ack factor is over. the kiddos are eating, so i think i'll grab a little something, play a little ps2, then finish up grading for that last class before moving on to other class related things i need to do.

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