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monday, december 9, 2002

for those who care, i'm alive. whatever i caught from my son is just sort of hovering at the moment - not getting better, but not getting worse. well, sorta. started coughing today, but the rest is just sort of hovering. i have thought about writing in whysper, but never really felt completely motivated to. and there really hasn't been much going to write about. i did discover something this weekend, but am choosing not to write on it because i honestly don't need to dwell on the situation any more than i have. and what i discovered provided a kind of closure to it, so it really is time to let it go.

anyway, hubby and i did talk about christmas and make a decision about it. well, we sort of reversed an earlier decision. we weren't going to celebrate at all because we really can't afford anything. our one "gift" to the kids was going to go and see lotr: the two towers, but that was about it. we threw out our tree because it was spider infested and have no other gifts to give. we had even canceling the dinner we usually have.

but then we talked about it and decided we could do a trimmed down version of christmas dinner. it looks like saxy's folks, who couldn't make it to thanksgiving dinner because of health issues, will be up to dinner for christmas and they always help out and buy part of the meal. so, no gifts, but we will have dinner and each other and that's a very good christmas indeed.

and here's a news flash: the prof finally contacted me to get my social security number so he can file the change of grade. as expected, he didn't indicate what the grade is going to be or how well i did on my papers. i've already determined i will take a "c" if that's what he chooses to give me because i want this over with, but anything less i will challenge. a "c" won't affect my gpa, i'll still be honors, anything less could decimate it.

once the grade is posted i can do a grad check. after the grad check, the degree posts. and then i can finally try to get work as well as apply to mfa programs because my degree will be complete. it's late enough in the year that i'll probably wait till next fall to get into the district as a sub; i'm sure most, if not all, the regular teachers have their subs worked out by now.

besides, there's the issue of pulling together the $200 just so i actually can work as a sub in the district.

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