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     thursday, february 1, 2018

so this lil bugger is TWO!

he's come a long way from this...

including the fro of all fros! lol

it's kind of amazing to be watching a child grow again. maybe a little more so as a grandmother since i don't see him every day and it can be easy to miss or overlook things in the day-to-day.

he's gotten very settled at his auntie's. there are still issues from his early months when things were more in upheaval than settled, but i can see he feels more secure. he's attached to jewel and her guy, lex. he still is stubborn as anything, but 1) he's two (where did the time go?), 2) his parents and his grandmother all have the stubborn gene in spades, and 3) it's been a rough life so far, yo. he's walking and talking and doing all the things that two year olds should do. since taz, i watch my grandkids for signs of autism or adhd because early help makes their lives so much easier. batman may have adhd, but there's no signs of autism. he is a bit more of a picky eater than i remember my kids being (other than taz), but there doesn't seem to be any textural similarity in the things he doesn't like, and he's very engaging with his environment and people. he has started to pick up uncle taz's stimming, but jewel is working on that. the adhd will probably take a bit longer to sort out. The twos are a year of constant movement and no attention to anything longer than half a second anyway.

and kiddo is smart (and proud grandma says, "of course he is! all my kiddos and grandkiddos are smart!")! he now knows how to get their batman game up on the screen to watch. he LOVES batman (thus the new nickname). wants his batman all the time! jewel gave him a car themed party, but the gifts were full of batman. a batman car, batman clothes, even a standing batman almost as tall as he is! he got a few other things, but it was all the batman stuff that held his attention.

most of the guests were adults, but he didn't seem to mind.

before long, this guy will be graduating high school, and i'll be really wondering where time went. grow strong and wise, batman. we love you and are looking forward to seeing all you will become.

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so that the pilot of an airplane sees the positions of all craft in the vicinity superimposed upon a map of the area.

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