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monday, february 13, 2017

if there's one thing i hate, it's being sick. i do a lot during the day, from household stuff to writing to plants to phone calls for various things to various bits of house/personal management for just about everyone in the house. and, of course, there was the child care stuff.

so imagine my irritation when two weeks ago i start coming down with some crud.


in my usual fashion, i tried to ignore it for a few days. didn't work. so i tried a day or two off, which also didn't work, some because this crud was stubborn, and some for other reasons. those other reasons led to us deciding it was time for froggy to move on and to make other child care arrangements.

don't get me wrong, i love little rk! but mama was taking advantage of our desire to help and crossing lines. when i tell someone "no, i'm not good with that" and you do it anyway, and then things go exactly as i expected but you don't even apologize? yea, no, i'm done. this is a reflection more on mama than baby. she is working, and she did manage to arrange other care. she's an adult, it's time for her to adult. and it's time for her and baby daddy to make their own arrangements concerning their son.

but all that was going on during the first week i came down with this crud, so i spent half my first week not resting as much as i needed. by the end of the week, this crud was demanding rest. i've been phlegmy with crud in the lungs, coughing horribly (luckily, all the coughing didn't trigger an asthma attack), congested, queasy in the tummy, and just plain miserable. so i just spent a whole week in bed.


i hates the sick. i HATES the sick!

i'm finally working on getting back on my feet, but because of the anemia and a lingering cough, i'm trying to be careful about it. this evening was the first one spent out of bed: made dinner, washed dishes (with some stepping), and am watching a little tv before a hopefully early bed time. may have to use some drugs to help with that—the lack of activity has wrecked havoc on my already pathetic ability to get to sleep. won't be working out until thursday at the earliest (need this damn cough to be gone gone gone) and even then it'll be a light 20 minute something just to see if i'm up to it. the usual break day on friday, and then hopefully back to full steam starting over the weekend.

the scary thing is i suspect this crud would have been a lot worse without the flu shot. honestly not sure this was the flu, but it knocked me down pretty hard, and colds and allergies usually don't do that. plus i've been hearing about people being laid low with the current flu bugs for weeks. with my anemia, it would have turned into months for me. sadly, won't happen this year. we lost our aca, so no flu shot for me. :P

i'm just glad it's almost over. this week will be slow going, but already have some plans of things to work on. just have to remind myself to take it easy and not push myself too hard. the last thing i want is a relapse because...sick...GAH! just no. i'm so over being in bed all damn day.

which i probably need to remember the next time i really want to spend a whole day or two in bed.


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