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not the plan
thursday, february 20, 2014

the lab results are coming in from our physicals. as expected, froggy's were all good. saxy's aren't in yet, but we suspect he still has the cholesterol problem, which was our biggest concern for him.

and now for me as well, apparently. back in my tests: high cholesterol, low vitamin d, and some liver tests came out low. seriously, this was NOT what was supposed to happen. i'm working to get OFF meds, not add to the damn list. :P I don't mind the dietary supplements so much, but if we can't get the cholesterol thing taken care of by adjusting our diets a little more, that's going to be yet another medication.

and i still need to see a cardiologist and get the mammogram.

the thing is, we already eat pretty well. there are things i'm looking at changing in light of the tests, but we eat mostly fresh veg (frozen when fresh isn't affordable), more chicken than beef (which is the opposite of the fresh veg: chicken is ALWAYS cheaper), and cook with olive oil (or canola, but mostly olive oil). we can't afford fish 2 or 3 times a week, so i'm adding fish oil supplements (which will change over to omega 3 specific supplements when i get a check that can afford the higher cost). i'm trying to figure out how to get the husband to eat more oats, which he can't stand but is cheaper than nuts. i just started making my own granola and added chia seed to my own diet (he won't eat either one). i need to get more fruit in our diets somehow (of all the food we can afford, this is the one i buy the least of because it's the most likely not to get eaten and to go bad). the one thing i can't do much about is our dairy: my son needs the full fat milk, and buying two milks would cost us more. exercise beyond work is also a problem for saxy: even if he had the time, he wouldn't do it. and he walks a lot, but none of that is really cardio work for him. me, i cardio my butt off most days. ;) i've also just added the vitamin d supplement for me. i guess all we can do now is hope all this helps.

we were supposed to go back next week, but i had to cancel those appointments since we owe for that last office visit. that would be $100 at one time when the $50 is tough enough to manage. so, yay! we have insurance. boo! still have trouble using it. not as much trouble as the last time we supposedly had insurance we couldn't use at all, but trouble none the less. as soon as i get these last appointments paid off, i'll figure out when to make the next. i also have to make sure the mammo and cardio appointments land on two different paychecks. the sleep studies and the other doctor i need to see are off the table for now because of affordability. from what i could tell of the pcp, she's not going to like that, but unless she's going to pay for it, that's just how it'll have to go.

i'm just glad we can make some forward progress on being healthier. taz is going to be around awhile, so we need to be around for him as long as wee can.

and you know what? i like feeling better. so even though all this wasn't in the plan, i'm glad i'm being given steps to feel even better than i do now. i'll probably never be a full on health, clean eating kind of person, but i can still be healthy. and that IS in the plan.

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