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seeing summer
thursday, may 9, 2013

the weather is finally warming up some. i know in a few weeks (give or take), it'll be so humid hot that i'll be bitching about it again, but right now? happy to see it. happy for sunshine. happy for no rain, no overcast skies.

i really hate being so sensitive to weather. i don't remember being like this as a kid. it's possible i was like this as a kid, but was so busy being a kid that it really wasn't noticed, especially since it's generally a mild case. now it only gets bad if the overcast is persistent over several days or somewhat interment over several weeks (i.e., a day or two sunny between two or more days of gray skies).

i think this is part of the reason why i get so focused on what's going wrong over the winter, even when things are going relatively well. even when the sun starts shining, it's hard to shake the leftover blahs. and it's hard to see much in a positive light when feeling blah.

so it's really nice seeing summer starting to kick in even a little. we're supposedly expecting more gray days next week, but there have been a few more sunny days and half days lately. i'm going to have to take advantage of them before they get too hot and take the laptop outside and try writing on our screened in porch. never did that over at toxic house because there really wasn't a good place to do it: the back yard had absolutely no real porch space and was a mini forest, while the front "porch" was essentially the top step of some stairs. saxy would spend time in the garage, but that never struck me as a pleasant place to work. the apartment porch is screened in, under some trees but able to get a little sun. i need to get some kind of reasonable table out there, but we've got plenty of chairs thanks to saxy's dad (who sent us several chairs similar to these).

and right now, my energy is on its way up again. it'll wilt in the summer heat, but for the moment, i'm feeling good enough to workout even when it's overcast (as long as it's not raining; i'm still like a cat when it rains: ears flat against the skull, head down, looking insulted).

another neat thing about the season is the changes in nature. it really wasn't that noticeable in the concrete jungle of cali (where summer means everything goes brown then goes up in flames). but out here? i've seen butterflies (or some very colorful moths), we have a one family of geese that were hanging out by the pond the apartment's jogging path is around (the adults have since moved the goslings over to the pond in the nearby park, which is really easy to get to without crossing any dangerous roads), and we have another goose that appears to be nesting. i have to admit, i really love the little bit of nature around here, and i really hate it that most my neighbors can't seem to appreciate it and do stupid things like dump their trash in the pond. (i'll also be sad when the summer heat starts drying the pond out, but that's a whole different thing.)

i'm enjoying this time of seeing summer around the corner, for the most part. the only thing that i'm having trouble with is my adhd. maybe it's because of the blahs finally going away, but it seems to be in overdrive right now, and that's making it hard to get as much done as i know i can. but it'll eventually settle. for now, i'm just going to enjoy the sunny days that aren't too hot. this time of transition is just too short.


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