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the heat is on
wednesday, may 22, 2013

or maybe it's the humidity? it's been warm. not scorching...yet, but the storms are making it ugly. or maybe that's my non-georgian native side talking. and the headaches, which aren't as excruciatingly bad as they were 30 pounds ago, but still stubborningly persistent and painful down to the teeth.

regardless, for me, summer officially starts tomorrow. today is taz's last day in school. we're already set up for his summer, for the most part. he has a new swimsuit courtesy of his teacher for pool time (assuming anyone will be available to take him: i'm not a pool person; youngest is now working and was just given more hours; oldest is in school, has a new baby, and has 2 jobs; middle girl is working more hours as well; so not sure if/when anyone will be available to take him down there), we changed cable providers and now he has a tv that's connected and i've been recording movies so he has one to watch each morning; and i took my last walk monday and will be doing indoor aerobic dance stuff instead. i'd like to say i'm getting up earlier, but that's been harder for me to manage than i expected. i need more sleep than i used to, and i still work better at night. thus the movies. i also need to start picking up some books for him—the rest of the artemis fowl books, all the hps, a few others that he likes.

my only concern about all that is the tv. it's already becoming something we have to remind him of rules on, and i'm having some trouble getting him to spend time talking with me after school. once he's out and has even less to talk about, it might become even harder to get him to hang out and talk. i'll definitely have to have him watch some tv with me rather than in his room so he doesn't spend all day every day in there. and like i said, get him some books so even when he is in there, it isn't all tv.

fortunately, things seem to be sorta settling financially just a little...sorta. this paycheck, we're actually in good shape for end of the month. not perfect shape, but better than usual. we'll be paying less on cable starting next month (set up fees took this month's bill up to comcast levels...almost), and linnorm is sending along $150/month broken into two payments. hubs got a 50 cent raise that should kick in with the next check. it's not as much as we hoped, but it is a raise. he also should be able to start working one day a week with the catering company for a bit soon as well, and that pays more than either of the other two jobs (even with the raise). not expecting to get comfortable any time soon, but feeling i just might be able to start getting a handle on things just a little.

yea, a lot of hedging in that statement. learned the lesson too well: things are good and then the shoes drop, and we end up in a worse place. it's hard to not expect it when that's what we've experienced for years. and while we haven't slipped into the bad places of the last few years, we've had a few expensive bumps. the tire of last month (or the end of the month before that; can't remember which), and this month our dryer died. we are, however, waiting until after dragon*con to replace it. oldest is letting us use hers for $10/month, which is better than laundromat prices. we're also concerned about the car, but hopefully it can hold on a little longer, especially since i couldn't come up with the money for the things it needs anyway. it'll have to be a priority next year for the tax return, assuming we get one (we should, i think; at least i tried to set it up so we would get something...i think. lol).

but for right now, i think we're doing good. and my only real concerns for the summer are a growth spurt by the boy (he's been asking for seconds of late, even after sitting down and inhaling a loaded plate) and the heat making it harder for me to get things done. summers are notorious for slowing me down. it's that heat. and, yea, it did the same thing to me cali. at least this summer i'll finally be in a place with decent air conditioning...assuming i want to pay for it.

maybe with the kiddo home, these updates will be a little less boring. probably not. lol


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