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ugh, winter
wednesday, february 6, 2013

winter sucks, although, to be fair, this winter hasn't been as bad as usual except for youngest.

froggy ALWAYS gets sick in the winter. in the past, it's been strep throat sick, with at least two reoccurrences before winter's over. this past year, she's been having a lot of health issues even before winter, and just never could get in to see the doctor. this winter, there's no strep, but a persistent sick. i don't mean she gets well then gets sick again, but sick, SEEMS to get well, then two days later, she's down again. It's been tough for her, and it's affecting her school, which she's been working hard on. with that going on, it was inevitable that it would hit me eventually.

and it did. i was finally back on my feet, mostly, on sunday. now i'm trying to get back to where i was with my exercise. it's amazing what 4 or 5 days of bed rest will do to your progress. i'm working on it, but i'm being careful. it's been chilly, and with the asthma, i don't need that cold air getting in there and making more problems, especially since i can't afford to buy any asthma medication now.

hubs even got hit for a couple of days, but he kicked it pretty quickly. the only one who hasn't really gotten sick has been taz. but he tends to not get sick often or very badly, and he REALLY hates missing school, so he has to be seriously under the weather to admit to being sick. which is really amazing, all things considered. he complained of a sore throat last week, but it turned out he was okay.

the other problem with winter is the storms. in the past, those suckers have knocked me flat. i mean in agony flat. this year hasn't been so bad. there's a few less storms, and when they do come through, they aren't hitting as hard. a lot of this is my weight being down, which has brought my bp down, and that has chilled the migraines. i do still get them, but they've not been as bad, for the most part. what's not clearing up is the s.a.d. i'm finding ways to deal with it, even tried using melatonin (which seemed to work the first time but not the second, though it may have been a timing thing; no idea), but it's still a problem for me. i've had a lot of suggestions, but as long as i make sure to hang out under my full spectrum lights and open up the apartment most days, it seems to delay hitting for 3 or 4 days. once it hits, though, if things don't clear up, it's very draining. and the cold and rain can make it hard for me to go walking.

all of which are reason i say, ugh, winter. i really don't like it. doesn't seem to matter where i live either: if it gets gray, cold, and wet/snowy during winter, i don't like it. the good news is it looks like no snow this year. as cold as it's gotten some days, it's not been cold enough for snow, not where we live anyway. and i am thankful. i loved the snow as a kid, not so much any more. wet and cold doesn't work so much for me these days. i have a hard enough time with stiffness in my joints.

and maybe that's the biggest reason i'm not so thrilled with winter. feeling my age. and then some. and i definitely feel it more in the winter than any other time of the year. like i said, ugh, winter.

is it over yet?


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