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one of those weeks
thursday, may 3, 2012

it's been a weird one, and not in a good way.

first there was this whole things with a bounced check from years ago. let me give you some advice: if you're in georgia, don't bounce a check. they take it very seriously down here. VERY seriously. in the end, i had to take money out of our house down payment to take care of the problem or risk a warrant being issued. with my son unable to be home alone, i couldn't take that risk. so now i'm working on replacing that money and hoping the house guy or the loan guy don't call and see where we're at before i do. i can replace the money, just not all at once.

i'm also going to check with the bank and see if there's a way to make sure these guys don't take any more money from my account. there were a few things that made me twitch, but like i said, i couldn't take the risk.

i'm also finally off the blood pressure med and am already feeling the effects. i gained a pound a day almost all last week. didn't stabilize until the middle of this week, and finally started to lose a little as of today. i've got that pounding in the ears going, my headaches are coming back, and there's a tightness in my ankles, and i'm more tired than usual. granted, the tired could still be a part of the whole doing more than i used to do thing, but i'm sure some of it is related to the high bp. i'm still doing the house work and low-key exercise though. the goal is to get the weight off and hopefully my bp will go down with it.

i also had a novel go south. i reached the end of my notes and realized i had a plotting problem big enough that i needed to rework the whole thing. as much as i love the concept of the novel, i have too many other irons of the fire right now to rework it. i'll be getting my last beta for charms this weekend, and it might need some rewriting in addition to the polishing work, i have two alden novels in different places in my process, and i've started the novel that comes after charms. so i set the problem novel aside. it's still there if i ever get the desire to rework it, but my other projects have more of my interest at the moment and don't need complete overhauls. this book, a young adult novel, actually isn't alone. before i figured out how i need to write to be successful, i also set aside a horror novel. neither are in my comfort zone, both have readers that would like me to pick them up again, and i'm not sure i ever will look at them again.

most of these things happened far enough apart that i didn't feel like the world was beating up on me, but they definitely made it a harder week.

maybe the weird part about it all has been my reaction. i understandably panicked with the first event, but once it was all said and done, i moved on just fine. and other than a bit of frustration, i took the other two in stride. for the most part. i didn't fall apart or want to go to bed for days or anything like that, which has been my reaction to stacked up issues over the last year or so. being able to just deal with things and move on used to be something of a strength, and it took a beating over the years. maybe it's finally coming back. not that i'm expecting a lot of problems to heap on us, but life is never straightforward or simple. you just have to be able to handle the rough spots.

gotta say, though, that even if my bounce is coming back, i'm really hoping this next week isn't one of those weeks as well. we've got a lot going on tomorrow, and next week is looking pretty quiet so far. but then, i didn't have a lot listed as going on last week either, so here's hoping there's nothing as big as any of the above things come down over this next week. breathing room between things is always nice.


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