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saturday, may 3, 2003

if there's one the i rarely (count that as next to never) want to do is spend money to go to a theater to see a movie twice. but i want to now. x2 rocks! and i have a feeling the matrix reloaded will be as good. somehow i have to come up with the money to see both movies a second time. yea, that's going to happen . . . .

(i'm tellin' ya, it's a movie summer with x2, matrix reloaded, and league of extraordinary gentlemen coming out . . . and that's just the tip of the iceberg. there's 2 kids movies, a pirate movie, and i'm sure others that i want to see and just can;t remember off the top of my head. and i used to say i was never much of a movie person. what was i think?)

only 475 words yesterday and it's my .net server's fault. i won't go into the whole deal here, i talk about it on dreaming, but essentially the server has a "fail safe" and that fail safe shuts the mail server down when it appears that there is a large amount of outgoing mail that could possibly be spam. great idea except: a) i honestly do not send out spam, b) their tech support is too damn slow to rely on them to reset it when the fail safe's been tripped, c) how can a program tell if it's spam?, d) they aren't nearly so conscientious about incoming mail. what i think happened is the abundance of reposts from diiwg hit the elist and the server fail safe misread it as spam, but i can't be sure. hell, i have to prune spammers off my email lists every week, one of them could sent some add through before i managed to take them off the list.

tuesday = doctor day and getting all my meds refilled except my adderall. that waits till the 28th. i'll finally be able to breathe. i might talk to him about the headaches too - see if they qualify as migraines and if he wants me to do more than take advil migraine. i do wonder if he's going to make any changes in my inhalers too. we'll see. i'm just glad we're finally to the point where we can actually get me back on my meds. it's such a relief. really.

i was such an idiot yesterday (and thrusday, if you really think about it). i want to get back online in a place where i can update it and it's not on any server that my other domains are on. but when i looked at the credit card, there was only $5. that won't get you far in the domain game and certainly won't get you good service. after this mess with the .net server, i obviously wanted good tech support. so for hours i was looking at servers, seeing if any were worth the $5, and had just about decided that i would wait until saxy's check came in when it hit me: we got a check on the first. it's automatically deposited in a savings account, so i don't get any kind of receipt for it or anything.

duh, domy! and just how did you think you were paying for your doctor's appointment and meds anyway?

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