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phone tag
monday, may 3, 2004

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since thursday or friday, i've been playing phone tag with my neurologist's nurse, trying to get an appointment i can actually make. i'll admit that this is pretty much my fault, i missed my appointment last week. they scheduled it and managed to make it on a day linnorm actually had off without me telling them what his schedule was. regardless, this is still an appointment they made, not me, and here i am fighting just to get a hold of them to reschedule.

it doesn't help that this doctor is in only 3 or 4 days out of the week and takes weeks and months off to boot. her next available date, to my knowledge, was july 7. i won't be in california july 7, so was quite prepared to see another doctor, just so i didn't get any holds or other problems with my meds before, during, or right after the move. medications is the one thing we need to make sure we're all set on for me, taz, and froggy before we go. the kids are supposed to be seeing their doctors in june. i'm seeing all my doctors this month. spreads it out for us a little.

anyway, so i called friday and tried to make an appointment, but they had to check with the doctor's nurse to see what could be scheduled within my time frame. the nurse called, but i was out. when i got back from the whole bank excursion, i called back and missed her again. i figured it was too late, seeing as it was after 4pm and neurology is one of those early closing departments of the hospital. but she called back, and this time we missed it because we keep the ringer off (too many collection agencies wanting to harass me). no way i was going to get back to her in time and figured i'd called today.

this morning she calls twice. in 30 minutes. okay, now, most people who know me know i'm not a morning person, so bad timing anyway, but twice in 30 minutes? an hour or two i could see, but dang was this woman impatient. so i called a little after i got up (okay, so it was late - noon), and she's not in. ARG! i call about 45 minutes later and get put on hold while they try to see if they are back from lunch. apparently the appointment desk was put on hold too. after a bit of shuffling me around, i am told they scheduled me to see my doctor on july 6, forget that i told them i'm leaving the state on july 2! i repeat this already mentioned at least twice information and tell her i don't care which doctor i see at this point, it just has to be before the 2nd.

she says she'll call me back.

this time i leave the ringer on and we finally get a new appointment. linnorm will need to change days off if he can, but by god i will make this one. no more phone tag for me. jeeze.

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